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FTSE Pension Discount Curve | SOA

(3 days ago) The additional rates are calculated using the same discount curve and methodology as the standard rates but with shorter liabilities (As of January 2017, the Weighted Average Lives, or “WALs,” were 21.9 years and 16.8 years compared to the standard rate's WAL of 26.9 years.) We present the FTSE Pension Discount Curve for July 2020


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Yield Book: Indexes - FTSE Pension Liability Index

(2 days ago) The FTSE Pension Liability Index reflects the discount rate that can be used to value liabilities for GAAP reporting purposes. Created in 1994, it is a trusted source for plan sponsors and actuaries to value defined-benefit pension liabilities in compliance with the SEC's and FASB's requirements on the establishment of a discount rate.


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2019 Interest Rate Cuts Impact on Pension and ...

(1 days ago) One such method is the use of a published yield curve such as the FTSE Pension Liability Index, the FTSE Above Median Double-A Index, or another such Index or curve. Alternatively, a pension or postretirement healthcare plan’s discount rate can be determined based on a hypothetical bond portfolio designed to replicate and, ultimately, defease ...


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Pension Discount Yield Curve And Index Rates In US | Mercer

(2 days ago) These changes are reflected in the Mercer Index Rates — discount rates for the four Mercer sample pension plans, as determined using the Mercer Yield Curve. In June, the Mercer Index Rates ranged from a decrease of 13 basis points for the Retiree plan to a decrease of 12 basis point for the Mature, Average, and Young plans.


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Low Interest Rates, Coronavirus Deal Blow to DB Plan ...

(1 days ago) The ftse pension discount rate Index ended the month at all-time lows (2.8% for an average duration plan). However, in addition, equity markets started the month strong but took a dive in the final week of January as investors worried about the potential economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, River and Mercantile notes.


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Corporates seek tools to reduce pension plan risk | FTSE ...

(4 days ago) An example of that is the FTSE Pension Liability Index, which is based the FTSE Pension Discount Curve—a trusted source for plan sponsors and actuaries to value pension liabilities. Once the liability is known, the plan can focus on minimizing interest rate risk by matching durations of the assets with liabilities.


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Thematic and Alternatively Weighted Fixed Income Indexes ...

(5 days ago) FTSE Pension Liability Index. The index represents the single discount rate that would produce the same present value as calculated by discounting a standardized set of liabilities using the FTSE Pension Discount Curve. Monthly returns and durations for the FTSE Pension Liability Index liabilities are also made available.


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What is a Discount Rate and Why Does It Matter? - NPPC

(1 days ago) A discount rate is a term in economics related to the present value of future payments, in this case, pension benefits. The present value of a pension benefit is how much it is worth today. If the worker contributes $100 and the employer contributes $100, then the present value of the pension benefit, as of today, is $200.


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How do Interest Rates Affect Pensions? | Miramontes Capital

(2 days ago) One factor of retirement planning that may often go unnoticed is interest rates. The highs and lows of Interest rates can have a huge effect on your pension. Before you make any major decision concerning your pension, learn how interest rates can help or hurt your payout amount. In recent years, people with pension […]


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Historical Lows for DB Plan Discount Rates | Russell ...

(6 days ago) Funding and Accounting Discount Rates. Source: IRS, FTSE Pension Discount Curve. This chart makes clear the stark difference in predictability of the smoothed versus marked-to-market rates since 2012, but it also illustrates the large and persistent gap between the two measures. The average difference over this time horizon is about 240 bps and ...


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Welcome to the Retirement Section | SOA

(1 days ago) Stay Informed: FTSE Group Discount Rate . FTSE Pension Discount Curve statistics are available as a service to our members. Impact of COVID-19 on Retirement Risks Additional reports and podcasts from the Impact of COVID-19 on Retirement Risks series have been released: Impact of COVID-19 on Family Dynamics in Retirement report and podcast ...


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A Realistic Discount Rate for Pensions - Brookings

(5 days ago) Low interest rates over the past five years have affected the discount rate on private pension funds, leading some governments to ease the burden on corporations by dictating higher discount rates.


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Exclusive: IAS19 discount rates for FTSE 100 pensions on ...

(1 months ago) AVERAGE IAS19 DISCOUNT RATES used by FTSE 100 companies to calculate pensions deficits have risen for the first time in five years.. Research from Barnett Waddingham found a 0.1 percentage point increase in this key accounting assumption, to 4.5% per annum (pa), contributed to a fall in pension deficits in 2013.


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Ftse Pension Discount Rate - 07/2020

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Range of discount rates adopted by FTSE 350 widens

(1 months ago) Key findings of Hymans Robertson’s “FTSE 350 Accounting Assumptions Survey”: Discount rates: • The range of discount rates was significantly wider in 2011 than in 2010, and skewed towards higher discount rates, reducing reported pension liabilities. • In 2010, 92% of companies used a discount rate within 10 bps of the AA over 15 year ...


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DB Plan Discount Rates Are Setting New Historical Lows ...

(6 days ago) Source: IRS, FTSE Pension Discount Curve This chart makes clear the stark difference in predictability of the smoothed versus marked-to-market rates since 2012, but it also illustrates the large ...


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A realistic discount rate for pensions | Financial Times

(2 days ago) If the discount rate decreases, a pension plan needs more assets today in order to be sure it can generate sufficient investment returns to pay a projected amount of benefits in the future.


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FTSE 100 schemes in 'best position' for 20 years before ...

(2 days ago) The consultancy's annual Accounting for Pensions report estimated that 70% of DB schemes were in a surplus at the end of March, leading to the best combined funding position in 20 years. This is based on 60% reporting a surplus on the IAS 19 basis in their 2019 accounts. Market volatility has caused significant swings in funding levels, LCP said, with discount rates rising by an average of 1.5 ...


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FTSE Fixed Income (Local Indices) - RIMES Technologies

(2 days ago) By monitoring FTSE Pension Liability Indexes returns over time, investors can gauge changes in the value of pension liabilities. These indices represent the single discount rate that would produce the same present value as calculated by discounting a standardized set of liabilities using the FTSE Pension Discount Curve. FTSE UK Level Annuity ...


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Pensions Accounting: Spot the discount rate | Features | IPE

(3 days ago) A 10-year spot rate, for example, is simply an average annual rate over a 10-year period. A 10-year forward rate is the rate earned between the end of year nine and the end of year 10. Both can be used to discount cash flow to the present date. And it is these fundamentals that are at the heart of the latest IAS 19 discounting debate.


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Accounting roundup: Discount rates on the rise | News | IPE

(2 months ago) UK discount rates are running around 25 basis points higher than last year, according to Aon consultant Simon Robinson, with the average rate across FTSE 100 companies coming in at 2.9 percent. This compares with a rise of 40-50bps at the end of October among Willis Tower Watson’s FTSE 100 clients, with rates in the region of 2.6-3%.


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Vanguard - Should low rates prompt corporate pensions to ...

(6 days ago) Although discount rates may rise in 2020, it's also possible they'll continue to fall. 4 The risk of falling rates is where pension plan sponsors should focus their attention. Plans that fail to hedge interest rate risk with fixed income exposure increase their asset-liability risk.


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Falling Discount Rates Send Corporate Pension Funding ...

(3 days ago) It was also the first time the Milliman 100 PFI had reported a discount rate below 3.00%. “Discount rates have fallen by 110 basis points over the past 12 months, slashing corporate pension funding and hitting an all-time low for the PFI,” Zorast Wadia, co-author of the Milliman 100 PFI, said in a statement.


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DB Plan Funding Takes a Hit From Record-Setting Low ...

(2 days ago) It says discount rates plummeted in August, dropping 0.44%. Current rates are now down 1.22% since year end 2018 and are 1.07% lower than rates from this time last year. The FTSE pension discount index finished August at 3%. Global equity markets were down, while bond markets rallied due to the flight to safety.


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Low rates troubles for insurances and pension funds ...

(2 months ago) In most cases, prudential regulation of insurance companies and pension funds use discount rates linked in some way to a market interest rate.” “New evidence collected…on the basis of a survey…provides a sense of the magnitude of the negative duration gaps. insurance companies in the Netherlands and Sweden and pension funds in ...


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IAS19 discount rates for FTSE 100 pensions on the rise ...

(1 months ago) Regulation; AVERAGE IAS19 DISCOUNT RATES used by FTSE 100 companies to calculate pensions deficits have risen for the first time in five years.. Research from Barnett Waddingham found a 0.1 percentage point increase in this key accounting assumption, to 4.5% per annum (pa), contributed to a fall in pension deficits in 2013. A discount rate is the assumed investment return used in a present ...


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Low interest rates impact pension ... - FTSE Global Markets

(11 days ago) He warns that moving to a new discount rate it effectively creating a political risk, because at any time the discount rate could change and funds would be left with swaps in their portfolio; from a regulatory perspective a pension fund with 100% interest rate hedge would be left in an obsolete position if the discount rate were changed to 4%.


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IAS19 discount rates for FTSE 100 pensions on the rise ...

(1 months ago) The average IAS19 discount rate for FTSE 100 pensions obligations has increased for the first time since 2008, according to a new survey. Barnett Waddingham’s survey of pension disclosures made by FTSE 100 companies found the discount rate increased by 0.1 per cent to 4.5 per cent in 2013.


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Death and the discount rate - UK companies weigh pensions ...

(6 days ago) While BT’s discount rate is 2.5 percent, other firms with large pension deficits such as BP and Shell use higher rates, of 2.7 percent and 3 percent respectively, RBC said.


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FTSE 100 pension schemes in best position in 20 years pre ...

(1 months ago) But in April 2020, the drop in credit spreads and discount rates led to an increase in pension liabilities, with the report pointing out that discount rates sat at their lowest month end level on record on 30 April. As a result, the proportion of FTSE 100 schemes with an accounting surplus had fallen back to below 60 per cent by the close of April.


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May 2019 Pension Finance Update - October Three

(5 days ago) Discount rates fell by 0.20% last month. We expect most pension sponsors will use effective discount rates in the 3.5%-3.9% range to measure pension liabilities right now. The table below summarizes rates that plan sponsors are required to use for IRS funding purposes for 2019, along with estimates for 2020.


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Solvency II’s discount rate would hurt FTSE 100 pensions ...

(1 months ago) Three-quarters of respondents to Deloitte’s recent survey of pension executives showed that 75% of respondents believe that using the risk-free discount rate to estimate funding sufficiency, as required under Solvency II, would effectively increase gross liabilities by 20-50%, or £1bn-2.5bn for the average FTSE 100 company.


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FTSE 100 pension funds show surplus for first time since ...

(4 months ago) The report said discount rate assumptions have improved FTSE 100 pension funding by about £15 billion. The majority of FTSE 100 funds reporting as of Dec. 31 used a discount rate of between 2.4% ...


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Commentary: A note on the discount rate

(2 days ago) Corporate pension plans are required to use a discount rate equivalent to an AA-rated bond (about 2.6% currently). The Federal Reserve uses in its calculations a AAA bond rate.


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Mercer | Discount rate for IFRS/US-GAAP/HGB valuations

(1 days ago) The discount rates used for a typical pension plan at December 31, 2015, would typically increase by around 0.42%-points, to 4.31% up from 3.89%. Under German-GAAP, changes in pension liabilities from one year to the next are recognized immediately in profit and loss (P&L), so the change likely will benefit companies by smoothing P&L charges.


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Milliman analysis: Estimated cost of retiree pension risk ...

(10 days ago) Discount rates in June dropped 11 basis points compared to an 18 basis point drop for annuity purchase rates, resulting in an increase in the relative cost of annuities.


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UK’s biggest companies see pensions swing back to black ...

(5 days ago) FTSE 100 pension plans had an overall accounting surplus of £4bn by the end of 2017, reversing a £31bn deficit a year earlier, the study published on Tuesday shows.


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