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AARoads’ Interstate-Guide delves even further covering current, past and future routes within the system. While the web site initially covered routes with a brief overview and a collection of end photos, development of pages over time enhances our coverage to include more extensive historical write-ups, an outline of recent modernization and widening projects, and expansion of the Interstate

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Anyone ever collect those Travel Coupon Guides you find in

The coupons in them usually bring the price down around $40 to $50, that is good, and even as low as $35 in the south or parts of the midwest. Logged Every day is a winding road, you just got to get used to it.

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U.S. 50 East - Meyers to South Lake Tahoe - AARoads

A Lake Tahoe Basin tourist information kiosk is ahead on the right. Turn off here for visitor information, maps, valuable coupons, and restrooms. Photo taken 07/08/07. The next intersection along U.S. 50 east is with California 89 south to Markleeville and California 88/Carson Pass. Photo taken 07/28/12.

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Worst experience you have ever had with a restaurant and

Off-Topic > Worst experience you have ever had with a restaurant and its staff? (I don't know exactly how old I was), when my family decided to use three coupons to get some free frozen yogurt from a strip mall with some coupons we had. There was no fine print on those coupons except for the expiration date.

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Restaraunt Service - Tipping?

Nobody wants to tip anymore. I work in IHOP and many people come in just to take advantage of the fast food and its quirks so they do not have to tip.

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One way car rental

Alas, the best way to minimize the one-way charges is unavailable to you -- to travel where and when the rental car companies want to move some of their inventory (such as from New England to Florida in the autumn).

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Rumors of a Kroger-Target Merger

Off-Topic > Rumors of a Kroger-Target Merger Every so often, we'll get a package of coupons in the mail. They're usually for items that we have previously purchased. Obviously that data is gleaned from the card program. There's nothing stopping Walmart employees from unionizing if they want. There's obviously a reason they haven't yet.

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390 Family Dollar stores to close, 200 will convert to

Off-Topic > 390 Family Dollar stores to close, 200 will convert to Dollar Tree « previous next

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Amazon buying Whole Foods - AARoads

Aldi has been around for quite a long time in the US, but they are expanding. They are basically a small, no frills supermarket, along the lines of a Family Dollar but for groceries.

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How was travel back in the good old days?

Another reason why apps are overrated - nearly every restaurant has some sort of app - some you can use to pay, some have coupons, etc. Just glance at people next time and you barely see anyone have their phone out to pay, even though they could've saved a least a few bucks on what they're buying, or earn points towards free stuff.

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Chuck E Cheese files Chapter 11

Off-Topic > Chuck E Cheese files Chapter 11 Chuck E. Cheese could save itself by re-packaging its business as a pizza delivery service where they bundle Steam game coupons or streaming video coupons in with pizza orders, so people can have Chuck E. Cheese pizza parties at home. The delivery driver could even wear the mouse costume, but they

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