Pumpkin Pie Bars With Cake Mix - A Turtle's Life For Me

Instructions. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl, mix together the cake mix, melted butter and one egg. Beat together until well combined.

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Freezer Meals on Today's Prices - A Turtle's Life for Me

This sausage had a $3 off coupon. For $2.03, I can get 2 meals out of this. I already cut the casings off, crumbled it and fried it up. I split it into 2 bags and now I have it to pull out for a quick quiche, omelets, hash or egg muffins. These beef cubes each had $2 off coupons on them. $1.95 for the one pack and $2.28 for the other.

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Cookie Dough Dip for the Super Bowl - A Turtle's Life for Me

Head to Target’s website and you can print off some coupons to pick these up for yourself, because I know we all have a lid-eating room somewhere in our house! These are super affordable containers anyways (and I was really surprised how many you got in each pack!), but with the coupon it’s an even better deal!

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Update to the Freezer Cooking! - A Turtle's Life for Me

Yes, I clip coupons and watch for sales… but not to any extreme at all. And this is why freezer meals are so awesome! Because they let me be me. I can have a lazy afternoon and not worry, because at least dinner is ready. I can completely skip going to the store for 3 weeks (except for milk and produce runs), because I have enough food to

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Freezer Meals on the Cheap - A Turtle's Life for Me

After that’s done, in the same pan, cook up another 2 lbs. of ground beef, 2 cups of salsa, a can of diced jalapeno peppers, 2 tsbp. chili powder, 2 tsp. garlic powder, 2 tsp. onion powder, 1.5 cups of water, cumin, some brown sugar, garlic, a bunch of diced onions and whatever else you like to add to your taco meat!

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Salisbury Steaks with Gravy in the Oven - A Turtle's Life

One of our favorite ways to do this is to make sure we always have fully-cooked, ready-to-heat entrées in our freezer. My kids don’t care if it’s fancy. They just want really good food in some of their favorite flavors. And the bonus is that the more hands-off I can be, the more time it leaves me to get some other much needed tasks done.

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Spring Decorating in the Bedroom - A Turtle's Life for Me

Use Coupon code TOP40 (Valid April 15-28, 2014) for 40% off all toppers with free shipping to the Continental US only. Win Prizes. Don’t miss out on the Nature’s Sleep bimonthly Twitter Chats! You can win fun prizes and interact with me and the other Nature’s Sleep Ambassadors!

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Homemade Father's Day Gifts from a Daughter - A Turtle's

Maybe dad attended a lot of sporting events- put them all in a frame and show them off proudly! I love this one! Sports Ticket Wall Art. 3 Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Drink Lover. Drink a lot?? I’m not saying alcohol- or implying anything specific.

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Incredibles 2 Activities, Games and Coloring Pages - A

Take some of the stress off of yourself and print off this memory game for the kids at your party to play. With a cheap laminator, you could even make a set for each kid as a party favor! Download Here: Incredibles 2 Memory Card Game. I always loved to have an activity for the kids to work on as they all slowly trickled in too.

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Dog Park Benefits - A Turtle's Life for Me

There was a tennis-ball throwing tree and a roller coaster bridge for the large dogs! Off-the-leash exercise is so important for dogs, and a dog park is the perfect opportunity to give your pup this freedom! And a shaded pavilion area for the owners to sit back and let the dogs do their thing!

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