Start-up Costs And Organizational Expenses Are Deducted

By Mark Williams, Director of Operations, BizFilings Investigating the potential for a new business and getting it started can be an expensive proposition. However,you can't deduct these expenses under the general rules for business deductions because only expenses for an existing trade or business can be deducted. And, by definition, you incur your startup expenses prior to the time that your

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Customers Can't Buy Your Product If They Don't Know It Exists

One good thing about coupons is that it's easy to monitor the results: you'll see every one that comes in. A coupon should be good for at least 10 percent off the retail price of the product to attract buyers' attention and increase sales, with a 25 percent discount off retail considered more effective for mass market disposable consumer goods.

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What is COBRA? What Employers Need to Know - Bizfilings

By Mike Enright, Operations Manager, BizFilings What is COBRA? COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) is a federal law that requires employers of 20 or more employees who offer health care benefits to offer the option of continuing this coverage to individuals who would otherwise lose their benefits due to termination of employment, reduction in hours or certain other

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Business Deductions Are Critical for Tax Savings

Business Deductions Are Critical for Tax Savings Ordinary and necessary costs you incur in running your business can be deducted from your income, which reduces the amount of tax that you will owe. Every business owner knows: "You have to spend money to make money."

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Your Target Market: Critical for Business Success

Buyers are also heavily influenced by brand advertising and promotion support programs (e.g., coupons in local newspapers on the promoted brand). For new products, cash payments to the stores for each new item (e.g., $500 to over $25,000 per item) and free case goods on each new item for each store are common for larger chains.

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Ask About Ponzi Schemes - Bizfilings

He formed a firm he called Securities Exchange Company (long before the SEC was created) and offered notes for sale to raise money, ostensibly to buy coupons abroad. If you bought a note for $100, you were promised $150 in return in just 90 days, and he soon reduced that wait to 45 days, sweetening the pot.

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Effective Advertising Makes People Remember Your Name

Make it heavy so it won't blow off door knobs and litter the neighborhood. Add a coupon or some other incentive to the hanger—in fact, many businesses use the door hanger itself as a coupon. Paper Direct and FedEx Office both have templates available and can handle the printing.

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Ask About Boosting Business - Bizfilings

Are there multiple ways for customers to reach you: in person, by phone, fax, Internet, e-mail? And do you make an effort to reach them in diverse ways: direct-mail promotions, bounce-back coupons, discounts, seasonal sales, seminars, free samples? Are you always aware of and open to new ideas, trends, opportunities? My Item #5 would be to stay

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Form an LLC or Corporation - Incorporate Online | BizFilings

BizFilings is your full-service legal & business partner for online incorporation, forming an LLC, running a business, and more. BizFilings works with companies of all sizes and offer products, services and tools that provide companies the support they need throughout the life of their business.

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