Marketing For Clothing Store: 5 Strategies For Your Business

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic and thriving industries in the world. It combines a vast variety of activities, from the proper production of products, the transformation of prime materials, and the creation of articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories, among others.

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4 Best Practices for Local Magazine Advertising - Kolau Blog

With coupons, the benefits are clear. However, if you run a business that can’t give a definite price–for example, if you own a clinic or home renovation business–you may not be able to use coupons the same way. This is when it might be tempting to list the features you offer, but you should try and frame them as a benefit to your customers.

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7 Marketing Tips for Yoga Instructors - Kolau Blog

So, if you’re holding a free class, advertise it in magazines popular with your community or ones they receive without having to pay or opt-in for. Or use coupons as a one-time cost waiver, so that whoever uses it can take a specific class for free. If the coupon is for a recurring class, it’s best to put an expiration date or to keep the

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How Can You Use Twitter for Business? - Kolau's Blog

How Can You Use Twitter for Business? May 30, 2017. 2027. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Launch campaigns that show off new followers and retweets, giving away discounts and coupons or special offers. Encourage your followers to share content and always thank those who participate and collaborate with you.

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Interview Highest Rated Retail Business in San Diego - Kolau

Kolau had the opportunity to interview JD, the owner of Real Deal Mattress, the highest rated retail store in San Diego with a five star rating on Yelp.We talked retail marketing and the strategies to acquire and retain customers that have worked for the Real Deal Mattress.

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5 Marketing Ideas for Flower Shops - Kolau Blog

In the corner, you can see this flower shop’s rating is “4.9 out of 5,” which is a great thing to show off to those who visit their Facebook page. People trust reviews. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a business more.

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Massage Marketing Ideas from 5 Star Yelp Business

Massage Marketing Ideas from 5 Star Yelp Business. June 22, 2016. 3740. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. They rip you off, and once you do it you are forever branded as a deal making company. You can tell it works because our traffic increases after we send out the messages and people will bring in the coupons. If they don’t like

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5 Marketing Strategies for Laundries - Kolau Blog

For example, you could add coupons in the ad for a 25 percent discount for new customers or offer a seasonal discount like a percent off washing and caring for blankets and quilts. This is an example of an attractive and eye-catching postcard from a local laundry business.

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