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Cater to bargain hunters during National Coupon Month

Hats off to C.W. Post for spearheading this great tradition. Since then, couponing has become a nation-wide phenomenon. They’re available in every Sunday paper, in special mailings, online and on smartphones. According to the Promotion Marketing Association, shoppers save more than $2 billion each year by using coupons.

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Optimizing mobile strategies for small businesses

Because of this, more companies have started sending coupons over digital forums, allowing consumers to bring these mobile coupons into the store. Instead of scanning tangible pieces of paper, the stores can access bar or QR codes to give the visitor a discount.

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4 mobile marketing strategies for small business owners

One retailer that uses this particular strategy is the arts and crafts store Michael’s. Through email campaigns, the company distributes time-sensitive coupons, such as those that offer 20 percent off in-store prices on one day only. 3. Create digital customer loyalty programs

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Get 'Seen' by Boosting Your Mobile Marketing Presence

It should do more than just promote — the app needs to serve a purpose, like clipping mobile coupons or tracking purchases for a loyalty program. Don’t forget to sneak in the occasional super sweet deal or freebie — such as a power bank embossed with your brand and logo — so the customer feels richly rewarded for taking the time to open

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Snapchat: Your next great marketing tool - Business Trends

Second, the coupons could be worth anywhere from 16 to 100 percent off a purchase, so patrons were motivated to come in and buy some treats. This is a brilliant strategy that almost any company can replicate. Consumers rarely turn down great deals. Additionally, the air of mystery around the coupons adds a fun element that most discounts lack

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Top Tips to Attract Customers on Small Business Saturday

Another approach: Tell patrons you’re collecting donations for a charity of your choice, and that their donation will earn them a discount of, say, 10% off their day’s total purchase. Build buzz with an in-store event: Hold a demo on something related to your business. Whether it’s a tasting, reading, or how-to class, it’s bound to draw

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Pick the perfect promotional product for summer food

Handing out coupons for the market is one way to make the exchange fair, but the local businesses might have their own promotional products or other ideas on how they want to be advertised. Restaurants are also very appropriate to coordinate with for the month of June.

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Marketing tips for businesses in the automotive industry

Garages can distribute the same calendars as dealerships, but can add a twist by including coupons. While routine maintenance is cheaper than buying a new car, the charges can still cost a pretty penny, and some drivers might hold off on some repairs to save money. Mechanics can include promotional discounts for basic jobs like oil changes to

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What do guerrilla marketing and National Opposite Day have

Walk around and hand out coupons for discounts, but make sure to explain the connection to Opposite Day. According to a 2002 study conducted by researchers from Washington University, in-store promotional offers increased the overall size and variety of customers’ purchases, so start handing some discounts out to boost revenue.

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How to revitalize your sales team to drive revenues up

Incentives are a great direction to take because it’s human nature to become more invested in a task if there is a clear reward. Create a contest or competition between sales staff that will drive motivation. Use unique promotional products, cash bonuses or an extra day off as the bait that will propel employees. Sales people will also be

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