Policies And Procedures (Lesson 96)

This lesson is designed to help the bookkeeper understand the difference between policies and procedures and give some insight to the types of policies every company should have in place. There are multiple levels of control. The core level includes physical control, separation of duties, duplicity with accounting and actual monitoring.

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Returns, Allowances and Discounts in Accounting

Buy One Get One free! Well this is a form of a discount. Other examples of campaign related include coupons, specific product based, and referrals. Just as I explained up in the returns section, you may wish to break out your discounts based on different categories.

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Feedback Loop in Business - Identification and Parameters

If a customer walks into the booth area and tours at least one unit, a discount card is handed to the potential customer for an additional 1% or $350 off the purchase price whichever is greater. They must purchase a unit within one year of the expo. Studies show that potential customers for RV’s explore first before committing to the RV

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Franchise Agreement Costs - How Much Does it Really Cost

The primary reason for the franchise arrangement is the increased net profit for the franchisee in using the franchiser's name, logo, brand, or trademark. The franchiser charges an upfront fee called a Franchise Fee, monthly Royalties, in some agreements a License Fee and Marketing/Advertising minimums. These additional costs to the franchisee are paid to use the franchiser's name.

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Gross and Net Sales

– Pay early or with cash and get a percentage discount off the price * Coupons – Unlike discounts, coupons are used to bring in new customers or get existing customers to purchase more of a particular product. This is one the most popular incentive programs in modern merchandising. The most common form is the gift – ‘Act now and you

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Loan Accounting (Loan 54)

I encourage clients to have cut-off dates for long-term debt payments by December 15 of each year. In this situation, interest on the company’s books is more than the lender’s records, and principal balance is less than the lender’s balance. The prior year balance is incorrect; making the current balance off.

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Discounts - Various Meanings in Business

The term 'discounts' is a broad and varied meaning word when it comes to use in business. It literally has four distinct definitions. Each definition is used within a certain context of business. The first and most dollar expensive use is with original issue discount related to bonds in the market. The second use and most common is as an incentive in business.

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Gross Profit Margin -

The difference between the sales price and the cost of the product or service rendered is known as gross profit margin in business. It is traditionally the amount identified on the income statement or a tax return as the amount earned after cost of sales a.k.a cost of goods sold, cost of services rendered, etc. is subtracted from sales (revenue).

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Business Economics - A Library of Information

INTRODUCTORY SLIDE SHOW. Click on the words above and get a quick 4 slide show of how this site works. This website is designed to assist business entrepreneurs in becoming better managers/owners and increase overall profitability.. There are over 510 articles on this site.

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Business Econ

Discounts, Coupons, and Returns 25,000. Net Sales 493,732. M&A at 4% of Gross Sales 20,749. Royalties @ 6% of Net Sales 29,624. Cost of Goods Sold @63% of Net Sales 311,051. Contribution Margin$132,308 . Contribution Margin Required to Cover All Costs$132,121. Difference is $187.

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