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Actived: Monday Oct 19, 2020


Magic Hosted Special Event to Thank Fans for Their Support

As part of the celebration, fans were treated to MTN Dew Kickstart products, additional giveaways, discounts and coupons. Papa John's is also offering Magic fans 50 percent off regularly menu priced online orders all weekend (Thurs.

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49 Years Ago, Neil Armstrong Claimed the Moon for Ohio

Celebrate our interstellar conquest by taking 20% off of this amazing tee with the coupon code OURMOON today only. See full article at Eleven Warriors ChatSports Open in App

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Royals have suspended their Papa John’s promotional deal

Beginning in 2016, when a Major League Baseball player hit a grand slam, the league called it a “Papa Slam,” and fans received 40 percent off their order at Papa John’s the next day by using an online coupon code, the Yahoo story noted.

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Sunday Morning Hangover: Endorsement Deals for College

Me, I get paid in Wendy’s coupons and dandelion moonshine, so I have no agenda other than a want to express my opinion. Today’s subject is not about pay-for-play. That is a Pandora’s box that would unleash a world of whining and screeching of unbearable levels that would destroy the sport we love so dearly.

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Pigskin Prophet: Bad Banners edition

Just because the Tigers have an open date doesn’t mean the Prophet gets the week off. The weekly supply of Burger King coupons arrived in the mail on time and I guess that means I will take a little time away from my civic duty to perform my football duty.

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Kawhi Leonard drives 1997 Chevy, hoards coupons for

"It runs," Leonard told SI, "and it's paid off." That’s not the only surprise from the article. Apparently he’s addicted to chicken wings — Mango Habanero from Wingstop, specifically — but he strongly prefers using free coupons the company sends him instead of paying full price. See full article at Sporting News.

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About Abel to Yzerman

Sometimes, on days like today, when the neighborhood kids are running around bloated and sugar-amped on Charleston Chews, I like to pretend my friend Willy Wonka is wobbling the streets handing out candy and wishes, along with half-off coupons to down river strip clubs where the fire trucks park on hot days and the puppies frolic without cares in the world.

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What is the benefit of being an FC Dallas Season Ticket

Before the first game kicked off last year, season ticket holders received a page of coupons offering a free soda, a candy bar, a cinch sac, 10% off in the team store, 20% off on one occasion, and two buy-one-get-one free tickets. See full article at Big D Soccer. ChatSports Open in App

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