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Of course, at $500 per month this is a sparse life, but I am just showing you that it can be done. In fact I personally know dozens of people who live in their vans and make much less than $1,000 per month, so I know for a fact that it can, and is, being done right now.

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5% off Everything at Northern Arizona Wind and and Sun.

[i][i]In honor of Independence Day, we're offering a 5% discount off your total order. No minimum purchase is necessary and there's no limit on your order amount. Enter the coupon code "july4sale" (without quotation marks and no spaces) at checkout and the discount will be automatically applied.

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Zerobreeze - Cheap RV

You can get $100 off using the coupon code s8NwpYUI5U. I sent them a message saying I would buy now at a price point of $500$150 off for the basic setup. See what they say. I will probably buy for $550 ($100 off) and test if I can't get for $150 off. I have seen mixed reviews for the unit.

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Cheap RV -Harbor Freight 45 Watt Solar Kit

I think you are still better off buying better components. Here is the price of a simple system I can piece together right now:. 195 watt solar panel (made in Germany)-$210 ; Solar Controller (made in the USA)-$200; Wiring-$40; So for $450 I can assemble a 195 watt system with much higher quality components. The solar panel will have a 25 year warranty instead of the 1 year on the harbor

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“Good deals” on food, share your tips

Coupons can often be found online too. A big traditional meal the day you get it, pull the extra meat off for sandwiches and what not, then hack up the carcass to make soup. While I prefer to eat fresh stuff, Idahoan instant mashed potatoes are $1 per bag and you get two adult male servings. Lots of flavors too.

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“Good deals” on food, share your tips

If you are dying for pizza, Cici's has all you can eat pizza (including soup, salad, pasta, etc.) for $5.99. Granted it's not the best pizza, but there's a lot of variety and you can even tank up on soup, salad and pasta if you hate their pizza for under $6.

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Unlimited Sprint LTE for $14 a month.

In the Internet for RVers Facebook group they are saying that, Quote:Unlimitedville is offering a one-time coupon code available to affected members of 4GCommunity plans to cover the Unlimitedville's $99 membership fee.You will need documentation of membership in order to partake in this offer.

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Ingenious 12v cig lighter rechargeable mini flashlight

Don’t forget your HF coupon insert with product coupons, 20% off most items coupon & free item with purchase coupon! 80 lumens is about the light given off by a 10W incandescent light bulb.

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Model Solar Electric Power Systems for newbies

just add Batteries. Most know that Harbor Freight publishes 20% off coupons that work on most things in the store. [Image: image_19818.jpg] But if you were wanting to do better than that as a Solar Engineer, how would you fit a low end beginners Van, an intermediate Van dwellers Van, and an Advanced dwellers Van.

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I was shocked by "Kratom" and how good it worked

Home; Blog; Forums; Gatherings; Store; Find a Campsite. Arizona. Moving Camp to Cottonwood, AZ

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Alpicool or dometic - Cheap RV

(08-05-2018, 04:47 PM) sephson Wrote: I opted for the Alpicool because I simply could not afford the $600 plus pricetag of the Dometic, Engel, etc. Rightwe just put new tires on which were a better investment than can I live without butter, eggs, and mayonnaise ? Until today I didn’t even know that another viable option beside $600+ models were available.

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