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The Second Year - CliffsNotes

Summary and Analysis The Second Year - June 1943-August 1944 This was a German tradition, and as Anne's family had originally come from Germany, moving to Holland only after the rise to power of the Nazis in Germany, Anne's father wrote the poem in German.

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Discounting Notes Receivable - CliffsNotes

The discount rate is the annual percentage rate that the financial institution charges for buying a note and collecting the debt. The discount period is the length of time between a note's sale and its due date. The discount, which is the fee that the financial institution charges, is found by multiplying the note's maturity value by the discount rate and the discount period.

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Bonds Payable - CliffsNotes

Bearer bonds. Bonds that require the bondholder, also called the bearer, to go to a bank or broker with the bond or coupons attached to the bond to receive the interest and principal payments. They are called bearer or coupon bonds because the person presenting the bond or coupon receives the interest and principal payments. Secured bonds.

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Minny - CliffsNotes

Minny, a black maid and Aibileen's best friend, has five children and is married to Leroy. She is highly regarded for her cooking skills, but her outspokenness often leads to getting fired. Minny develops an uneasy friendship with her employer, Celia Rae, who becomes devoted to her.

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Subjects - CliffsNotes

Students repeatedly cite food costs as a big part of overspending — and a key way to cut down their expenses. Food costs can absorb a huge portion of students' spending money, whether it's $1 a day for a soda, $4 for an occasional latte, $5 for a fast-food meal every few days, or $20 for a weekly trip to a decent restaurant.

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Chapter VII - CliffsNotes

The women all think — I mean Judy thinks — I've nothing to do but to go down town once a month and cut off coupons, but the truth is it takes a devilish lot of hard work to keep the machinery running. Not that I ought to complain to-day, though," he went on after a moment, "for I did a very neat stroke of business, thanks to Stepney's

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