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Power shopping: Savvy use of coupons can save you lots of

Some plan sales to go with coupons because, despite what some mistakenly believe, the stores don't lose money on coupons. The manufacturer pays the value of the coupon and a small handling fee. And creating great deals helps customers become loyal shoppers who keep coming back.

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Dear Abby: In a recent column, you ran a letter from ``Sally,'' who claims that her husband will argue about anything. The Association of Coupon Processors has not had much experience in marriage counseling, but was pleased to see that we might be of some service to your readership. We are the firms that count the billions of coupons redeemed in the United States each year by consumers

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U.S. airlines offering golden discounts for senior

- People who are 62 or older are eligible for a 10 percent discount off any published fare. - The airline's Senior Saver Pack coupon book has four one-way coupons that are good for coach travel on any America West operated flight in the lower 48 states and to Vancouver, B.C. It sells for $548.

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Shoppers cope using coupons - Deseret News

Lulu Ostler approaches the checkstand with fistful of coupons, a clipboard and a smart-shopper Web site's list of the best sales in town. At Dick's in Bountiful last week, the mother was shopping for a household of nine and found $1 packages of taco shells, 7-cent limes and 50-cent mangoes, and she redeemed a coupon for Ziploc bags.

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4th of July deals: Where to find free food, discounts on

One for me and also one for me Buy one sandwich, get one 50% OFF using promo code SAVEON2 at or Posted by Jimmy John's on Saturday, June 27, 2020 Jimmy John’s is offering a deal for customers who use the promo code SAVEON2 through July 5—if you buy one sandwich, you can get a second for 50% off.

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Delta gives a 10 percent discount off any published fare to anyone at least 62 years old, as well as to a traveling companion of any age. Delta also sells coupons to people at least 62 years old, in books of four or eight. A book of four coupons valid a year from purchase costs $420; a book of eight, $704.

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Clipping coupons to cut costs on grocery bill - Deseret News

Coupons for restaurants as well as groceries are delivered to your mailbox. Look through them, sometimes that "buy one, get one" free entree can be a debt-free date for you and someone special. 3. Sign up for coupons online. This is an easy way to have coupons sent directly to your mailbox.

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Extreme coupon cutters save cash, teach their ways

The women oohed and awed as Knight pulled out the fat binder of coupons that saves her 50 percent to 90 percent on every grocery bill. She showed off pictures of the stockpile of food at her home, where 46 boxes of cereal are stowed in her children's bedroom closet and packages of breakfast drink mix are kept under a bed.

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Like a hidden treasure, a wealth of deep discounts awaits the savvy traveler who seeks out and takes advantage of special promotions and coupon offers that pop up regularly but are often overlooked. If you look, you may find some of them in the junk mail you routinely pitch. Legitimate promotions and coupons - available from a variety of sources - can save you money on air fares, car rentals

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18 cost-cutting apps that can help recoup the cost of your " is a giant when it comes to offers for groceries and everyday items, and its app makes it easy to access the deals on the go. Coupon savings arrive in three ways: e-mail that’s printed from your computer, or added to your store loyalty card to scan at checkout. It all depends on the deal.

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