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This is an unofficial value list made by, and always updated by, the Value List Moderators. The Dinosaur Simulator Trading Value List page is available on Google Docs and can be accessed through the link below. The list is always updated whenever a change is made with explanations on why the values are constantly lowering and raising.

Actived: Wednesday Nov 13, 2019

URL: https://dinosimulator.fandom.com/wiki/Trading_Value_List

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The Party Box is able to give players around the user who bought it DNA. The player who bought it cannot receive any DNA from it. This Party Box is a single private item worth Robux40 and when purchased it explodes from the players’ creature into DNA Icon 20 strands with each strand being worth DNA Icon 1,000. Altogether there are DNA Icon 20,000 in one Party Box. The player who bought the

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