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Divestopedia is the preeminent site for private company owners and entrepreneurs looking to sell their business. Divestopedia provides easy to understand information and resources to help a community of proactive owners sell their business on the right terms, timing and at maximum value.

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Podcast: How to Be a Strategic Seller, an Interview with

Josh Elizetxe: 00:44:26 their friends are like oh my god you bought a Madarati Reinbolt. Now you're obligated to buy it. And so get them to feel it. So what I did is I said I showed him the numbers. I said if we cut off our competitors with this tool here's how it would hurt their bottom line. And here's how it boosts yours.

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Podcast: How to Uncover and Fix Your Value Gap, an

About the Host. Ryan is an entrepreneur, podcast host of the show Life After Business and the co-owner of Solidity Financial.Having personally experienced the hazards of selling a business, he joined up with his friend Brandon Wood to educate others on the process.

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What is a Purchase Price? - Definition from Divestopedia

The purchase price represents the total enterprise value (EV) of a company including the value of its equity and debt. When a buyer conducts a valuation, the total amount he/she is willing to pay represents the purchase price, and this amount often includes a provision for non-cash working capital (NCWC) to be left in the company to sustain future revenue.

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