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At the turn of the last century, Henry George and the "Single Tax" movement he inspired were household names. George's 1879 book Progress and Poverty captured the imagination of millions in the United States and elsewhere, who found in his ideas a blueprint for an economic system that would retain capitalism's productive dynamism and distribute its fruits more fairly.

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Can Invading a Small Third-World Country Stimulate the

Can Invading a Small Third-World Country Stimulate the Economy? The shortfall must be rationed, –directly by rationing coupons, or indirectly by inflation, or by cutting off credit to marginal businesses, which in turn lay off workers. It’s that simple.

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2006 | The D&S Blog | Page 25

In Repopulating New Orleans (D&S, Mar/Apr 2006) , Mason Gaffney set San Francisco’s rebuilding after its 1907 earthquake and fire as a model for present-day New Orleans: How did a city with so few assets raise funds to repair its broken infrastructure and rise from its ashes? It had only the local property tax, and much of this tax base was burned to the ground.

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Bernie Sanders' provision requiring an audit of the Fed (scroll down for our May 3 post, "Audit the Fed") appears to have been approved by the Senate, 96-0, which is very good news. The next task will be to get Congress to pass Blanche Lincoln's provision that would require banks to spin off derivative trading or lose FDIC protection.

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