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Create your promotion, contest or giveaway for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or any web, easily and quickly with Easypromos. Collect leads, embed, gain

Actived: Tuesday Jan 12, 2021

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Online coupon and promo code maker, App to distribute

Create and share discount coupons, vouchers and coupon codes with the Coupon Codes app. Run coupon campaigns to increase sales and reward customers of your ecommerce business or retail store. Set up a customized registration form to collect information about sales leads and customers.

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How to distribute coupons and promotional codes online

To round things off, let’s talk about how to analyze the results of your campaign, and how to add those finishing touches to make your promotion stand out. Use UTM codes to track coupon users . UTM codes, or UTM parameters, are little pieces of code which you can add to the promotion URL.

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Ideas For An Effective Discount Coupon Giveaway on Instagram

If you have the resources, make a video about your discount coupons. The success of your campaign will depend on how creative you are. Involve your brand representatives or employees, have them give information about the discount and encourage viewers to visit the webpage where they’ll be able to download the coupon or redeem the code. The

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Plan your coupon promotion, step by step

In 2018, 3.3 million US households are using QR codes for their shopping – and that doesn’t include all the other coupon types and promotional codes available. Coupon promotions are big business. So the only question is, how do you make your campaign stand out from the crowd? In this post, we’ll share an easy, three-step planning process to make sure your coupon promotion yields results.

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How to Organize TikTok Giveaways and Contests | Easypromos

The county invited its residents to show off their creativity. The submission with the highest number of votes was the winning one, meaning that its creator walked away with £1000 cash. Giveaways, contests, games, quizzes and coupons are now within your reach!

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How to set up your first Facebook Ads campaign to support

Many people turn off the autoplay feature – because it irritates them, in order to save data, or to improve page loading times. To get around this, make sure you set the video’s holding image to something engaging. You need to convince users to click the link or play the video.

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The Best Giveaway Ideas for Easter Promotions on Social Media

Increase sales with discounts and coupons giveaways. Although Easter giveaways start online, you should always aim to move customers off social media, and into your store. We’ve already discussed how to share rewards in-store or offer prizes that remind people to visit you in the run-up to Easter.

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How to Run a Simultaneous Giveaway on Facebook, Instagram

Show off the prize with photos or videos, and explain any conditions or rules clearly. Decide whether your users would prefer lots of little rewards, or one grand prize. 4. Prepare the giveaway posts. Your giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will run more smoothly if you prepare everything in advance.

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Everything You Need to Know about Promotional Codes

Remember that however you decide to share coupons and codes online, you’ll still have access to all the Easypromos design features, anti-fraud tools, email platform and code Validation Portal, when you use our app. Share a one-off discount with all your followers. This is a simple, classic promotional campaign.

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How to pick a winner in Instagram giveaways and contests

You can access our advanced contest apps, including registration forms, random winner picker, photo contests, writing contests, and coupons. Want more information? If you want more details, follow this step by step tutorial to pick a winner on Instagram. Our support team is always ready to chat live about your promotions and giveaway ideas.

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