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The Coupon Offer in Action

In 1895, C. W. Post, the cereal manufacturer, offered the first money-off coupon ever issued in the U.S. The one-cent-off coupon came with Grape Nuts cereal. By turn-of-the-century standards, this

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Handmade Custom Bobbleheads (50% Off Code) | Entrepreneur

They are hand-crafted works of art in the likeness of any bride and groom, friend, co-worker or family member. These great gifts take 4 to 6 weeks to be produced, so by availing and gifting this 50% OFF code, your recipient will be getting his/her bobblehead just right in time for the holidays! Choose from over 1,000 poses, give this one-of-a

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Three Steps to Start a Mobile Coupon Strategy

Bargain hunters may be savvy with scissors or an online coupon code, but consumers are just getting used to the idea of redeeming coupons through their mobile devices. This means the people and

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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Running Your Daily Deals Site

3. Advertising bogus coupons on your site. While you can't prevent the surge of bogus coupons out there, you can do everything in your power as a coupon site owner to keep such coupons off your

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Marketing, Guerrilla marketing - Coupons and Contests

Seeing who redeemed the coupons, where the user found the coupons, and tracking print coupons can pinpoint what ads, marketing vehicles, and communication are working best. All that is required is

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Your 2019 Cyber Monday Deal Cheat Sheet

Nike - 30% off sitewide (some exclusions) with coupon code: CYBER. Reebok - 50% off site with coupon code: CYBER. Banana Republic - 50% off sitewide (some exclusions) with no coupon code, get free

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Boost Sales With Coupons and Contests - Guerrilla

In 1895, C. W. Post, the cereal manufacturer, offered the first money-off coupon ever issued in the United States. The one-cent off coupon came with Grape Nuts cereal. By turn of the century

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5 Ways to Make Your Coupons Stand Out From the Pack

Similarly, you can offer coupons on related products, such as a percentage off a facial moisturizing cream. Or, if you’re looking for a much simpler approach, working to personalize your emails

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business - Coupons

Here are a few additional tips when it comes to using coupons to advertise your business: Be sure and put an end date (a date when they're no longer valid) on all your coupons. If you don't, you

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business - The Power Of Coupons

Coupons help you do both, as well as help fend off competitors, reinforce a current ad campaign or even soften the blow of a price increase. Direct mail is not your only choice for distribution.

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