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Actived: Saturday Oct 24, 2020


Think Twice About These 2 Bond ETFs |

A zero-coupon Treasury bond is created by stripping out the coupons of a coupon-bearing Treasury bond into a separate income stream. the PM will sell the bonds that roll off the index due to

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Best Performing ETFs 1Q 2020 |

Meanwhile, the AGFiQ U.S. Market Neutral Momentum Fund (MOM) uses a hedge-fundlike strategy that has paid off nicely so far this year. MOM, which has returned 24.6% year to date, goes long high

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New Multi-Asset Income ETFs |

The driving idea is simple: If you need income, why immediately constrain yourself to just dividends from stocks or coupons from bonds right off the bat? Instead, consider the broad range of

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BKLN ETF Report: Ratings, Analysis, Quotes, Holdings |

Still, underlying liquidity—for all bank loan funds—remains a concern for larger investors and when the market sells off. Related Articles Hot Reads: 3 ETFs Off To Roaring Start in 2020

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Sage's Smith: Cool It, Bonds Will Be Fine |

Bonds are not as attractive as when they were at 5% and 4% coupons, but in today's world, we're not going all the way back to 4% or 5% quickly. Therefore, it's more of a hold than it would be a

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TIPS In A Brave QE3 World |

By extension, if inflation is higher than 2.31 percent, TIPS investors will be better off; otherwise, Treasury bonds will outperform TIPS. For example, let’s say the inflation rate rises to 3.5

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b.4) Equities or fixed-income securities that are issued with fixed coupons but have an equity conversion feature, such as convertible bonds or convertible preferred equities, until such a time as

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FactSet ETF Classification System

firm, if the business unit issues its own financial statements and could be spun off as an Equities or fixed -income securities that are issued with fixed coupons but have an equity

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Credit Derivatives Indexes: Methodology And Use |

Rules, constituents, coupons and daily prices for the credit indexes are available publicly. Investors have also been attracted by the fact that these indexes can be priced more easily than a

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ETFs For Rising Rates |

Higher coupons mean higher income, and, of course, investors like income. As a result, prices on older bonds tend to fall, so as to stay competitive with newer bond issues. Higher interest rates

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