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Wisdom Acts | Fairy Godmother Academy

Wisdom Acts. Calling all fairy godmothers in-training: DIY fashion projects, art ideas, and outdoor adventures await! Each Wisdom Act will have special meaning just for you. What you learn as you complete each adventure will help you follow your dreams and grow in Wisdom as a Fairy Godmother.

Actived: Tuesday Oct 22, 2019

URL: http://fairygodmotheracademy.com/wisdom-acts/

Special Coupon Books | Fairy Godmother Academy

Get your sheet of cover stock. Measure and cut out two stips a little larger than the width of your coupons (should end up 8 1/2″ long and a teeny bit over 3 inches wide.) Mark both with a line 1″ from one end. Fold over the 1″ piece on one strip – this is your back cover. Cut off the 1″ piece on the other – this is now your front

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