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5 Insurance Discounts You May Be Missing Out On | Farm

5 Insurance Discounts You May Be Missing Out On. September 01, 2017 Insurance can be expensive. But, as a Farm Bureau Financial Services client/member, you may be able to save money on insurance with one of many discounts we offer. Whether you’re insuring your young driver, bundling your homeowners and auto insurance policy, or insuring a

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What Boomers Can Learn from Millennials About Managing

4 Money Habits Boomers Can Learn from Millennials . March 30, 2019 and-mortar stores. An even greater 90 percent use coupons to earn the best deals on purchases. They may not be clipping coupons from the local paper, but they are taking advantage of deals in digital form. What Not to Do When Paying Off Debt. How to Spend Your Tax Return

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18 Tips to Save Money on Groceries This Week | Farm Bureau

Whether you’re feeding a family of five or just yourself, you probably find that groceries take a big bite out of your paycheck. You don’t need to buy your toilet paper in bulk or spend hours clipping coupons to save money on groceries.

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The Best Money Management Apps for Baby Boomers | Farm

The Best Money Management Apps for Baby Boomers June 14, 2017 You could spend hours creating a budget, assessing your investments, projecting your retirement income and monitoring your credit score, or you could use your tablet or smartphone to complete essential financial tasks.

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12 Ways Technology Is Helping Small Businesses in 2019

12 Ways Technology Is Helping Small Businesses in 2019. February 09, 2019 By sending coupons, specials and other announcements directly to your customers through email, your small business can profit without spending a lot of money. Motion detector lights that turn themselves off when they are not in use can reduce your electricity

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6 Productive Ways to Spend a Snow Day | Farm Bureau

Shredding paper could be the most boring of the boring financial tasks you’ve been avoiding. Get a snack, get comfortable and get to work shredding that stack of old bills. If you don’t have a shredder, box up the bills you need shredded so you can drop them off (when the snow clears) at a local, trusted retailer that offers shredding services.

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4 Apps That Will Make You a Pro at Saving Money | Farm

The app enables you to filter and tag your purchases so you can quickly identify where you are spending most of your money. You can easily pull up needed receipts for returns or tax season. The newest feature also gives users deals on the things they buy the most in the form of digital coupons.

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These 8 Retail Psychology Tricks Make You Spend More Money

Downloading your favorite store’s app can pay off in bonus coupons, but it’s also another vehicle to advertise not-so-stellar buys. Turn off push notifications to minimize the temptations this retail psychology trick can bring. 4. “Free” Demos. That makeup consultation may come with a price — pressure to purchase the products used.

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