IMessage In Cloud Error - 'Not Available Becaus |Apple

In Settings, find what email you are using under the top cell (with your name as the cell title). Then, go to Messages, then under there go to Send & Receive, then click on your Apple ID, and sign out if the ID does not match the ID found earlier, and log back in with the matching email.

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Can you use an IAP for a digital discount coupon released

Can you use an IAP for a digital discount coupon released via wallet or email? 245 Views 5 Replies. Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 4:13 PM by PBK I am in the process of creating a travel application that allows users to purchase 4 different types of digital coupons via in app purchase.

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Passbook Files |Apple Developer Forums

Do you simply want provide pass coupons e.g. for a promotion, where “the more people come, the better it gets”, you’ll be fine off, just implementing pass generation. If, however, you plan to have some sort of control over pass redemtion (i.e. unique passes like tickets or prepaid vouchers) you will implement some validation

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10.11 GM Hangs after slow boot & login |Apple Developer Forums

These forums are about to be closed (OS X 10.11 Beta Forum Closing)I should point out that I'm not affiliated with Apple in any way, but if you would like to request personal help, please contact me on

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Apple five In-App purchase types are not matchi |Apple

Apple five In-App purchase types are not matching with my app feature. 150 Views User can buy many times whenever he wants but fish will be a bit off after a week if he doesn't use to cook. you could allow the user to purchase not 'fish' from the Apple App Store but coupons as a consumable IAP where each coupon is good for one fish at

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