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Actived: Thursday Feb 20, 2020


The 75%off coupon scam - General Discussion - Warframe Forums

Most recently Ive seen an increase in the volume of scam traders offering players the option to purchase the 75% off coupon this has lead me to having to make this post. As in just the past week Ive had to help and advise players what they can do. As DE have persistently failed to address the iss

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How to get 75% off - General Discussion - Warframe Forums

Logging off, I head over to my bed and seek for the embrace of sleep, hopeful that I will be able to work more, lest I see the flashing icon taunting me one more time before it expires, though I know it is futile, I need to play, I need to make plat to buy my things, this is the last chance for me to enjoy the game, before the constant system

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Warframe 75% Off Platinum Tribute Tips and Tricks

I have earned 6 75% off coupons" Mastery Rank There has been a bit of debate on forums over how much mastery rank actually affects the rarity of your tributes as the developer’s state it does. With some Tenno lucking into 75% off discount early on around MR 3 or 4 it’s reasonable to doubt.

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50% Off - General Discussion - Warframe Forums

Interestingly, the roulette (it's not really that but details) only showed 20% and 50% coupons today. Way to shoot themselves in the feet though since because of this I will not be buying platinum unless I get a 50% coupon :/

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How Do I Use The Platinum Discount? - Players helping

For todays login bonus, I got the 20% platinum discount coupon, the gift of the lotus. I figure, hey, I got twenty five bucks on steam, might as well top myself off. Thing is, how exactly do I actually use it? I remember before they changed to the new login system, it would show the discount amou

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75% Off Platinum Coupon - Thank You De! - Fan Zone

Atleast go for the 25 doller one or the 50 doller man. If I had the 75% off I bust through my door, straight into the car, and drive to the closest store that sell A prepaid credit card or B steam cards. With 2100-4300 platinum, you can buy every item, mod, and buy all the packages and color plates in the game.

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How rare is the 75% off Platinum coupon? - Players helping

They "think" because they didn't purchase plat 1 time when they had such a coupon, that they only got a 50% off the time after, because they were some how previously flagged to get nothing but 75% off because it's incentive to buy more. That's also a myth if you want my opinion. It's RNG based. The last time I saw a 75% off was October 24th.

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How can I increase the chance of getting a 75% discount

This is what DE not consider to do because they feel they need to do these discounts for collecting paying peoples. I would like to pay the 75% off these prices because actually that is the normal price for these items. 75 plat for 5 dollar is considered money grabbing with that 5 dollar I can eat a burger with normal menu "in Hungary".

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-75% Coupon - General Discussion - Warframe Forums

I wasnt going to open a topic about this coz I didnt want to bother you guys (DE) but I have been playing for around a year and a half now, Im almost MR 23 and I have never EVER once gotten a -75% plat coupon (not once!!! wow!) I know this is a RNG Based reward (I think) but how come other people

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Promo codes - Players helping Players - Warframe Forums

Hey everyone, Awesome Support on this Forum! Thank you all! -Any and all Warframe Promo Codes/ Redeem codes will be posted HERE. -All Codes can be redeemed via the in game Warframe Market, or Online on the Warframe Website. Again thank you all for the support and active Codes. -Also if you think

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