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AMM1/c Bruno P. Gaido Of VS-6

Gaido was an aviation machinist’s mate whose biographical details are difficult to pin down. He achieved fame, however, through his daring feats and ultimate sacrifice in 1942. Assigned to USS Enterprise (CV-6), he single-handedly shot down a Japanese aircraft, the pilot of which was attempting to crash on Enterprise’s flight deck, on 1 February 1942. For his initiative and bravery, Vice

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Bunker Hill I (CV-17) - Naval History and Heritage Command

Bunker Hill gunners continued to fight off harassing kamikazes throughout the rest of the day while firefighting efforts struggled to put out and contain blazing infernos on board. The attack inflicted a tremendous amount of damage and the crew began the long battle to save their ship and shipmates.

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South Dakota II (BB-57) Chapter 2 - Naval History and

South Dakota II (BB-57) Chapter 2. Tags. Aviation, At sunrise on 11 June, Fletcher arrived alongside the starboard side of the battleship to ‘top off’ her fuel, but the vessels experienced great difficulty in staying in position, parting their lines and fuel hoses.

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? 2000: Engineering

the crew moved off the ship onto a berthing barge that was tied up along side. Routine shipboard functions were transferred to the barge which provided comfortable living and working conditions for the crew. Training continued and several of KLAKRING's sailors got underway with other ships to keep their professional skills sharp.

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The DRVN Strategic Intelligence Service

CONFIDENTIAL. A previous paper (The Viet Cong Security Service, issued in July 1967 and referred to as "TRAMPOLINE No. 1”) [The Navy Department Library does not own this publication] summarizes our knowledge at the level of CONFIDENTIAL information on the Public Security Ministry's mechanism in South Viet-Nam.

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The ASM-614 Test Set was off loaded prior to COMPTUEX. The authorized allowance was adjusted to zero. No replacement/new test set was identified. The ASN-150 Display Unit (MFR 17863, PN 8900730-537) from the SH-60fs, as an example, was BCM-2 three times during cruise. The ICRL was changed to X2 with no Target Capability Date. 2. Quality Assurance

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