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Carefully curated collection of the best barndominium floor plans. Includes barns with apartments and pole-barn house designs. Very, very cool.

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches from Your Home

You will also need to use different types of insect killers and repellents to kill off adults, eggs and larvae as a female can create 20 to 40 eggs at a time and lay four to five oothecae (egg cases) in her 200 day lifespan. A female cockroach that’s killed or dies of natural causes can lay an oothecae prior to her death.

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Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style in 2020? Pros, Cons

Cons. Because they are a lot heavier than other window treatment options, you have to make sure that your windows can handle the weight. Additionally, very wide blinds can be unwieldy to operate due to their weight.; Since the slats are thicker, when the blinds are opened all of the way, it will create an unsightly stack of blinds located near the top of the window, which can block sun and the

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8 Different Types of Steam Cleaners - Home Stratosphere

Related: All types of appliances 1. Handheld Steam Cleaner Just like any other steam cleaner, handheld steam cleaners are designed to remove dirt, debris, and all sorts of stains. By eliminating these unwanted germs from surfaces, handheld steam cleaners are able to get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, bugs, and mites.

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Mel Gibson's House in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica (Listed

Mel Gibson's estate is a slice of paradise. This 403-acre stretch of beach and jungle boasts a palatial mansion flanked by two smaller— but no less luxurious — homes. Immaculately landscaped amid a backdrop of plunging cliffs and pristine waters, this tropical getaway could be yours for just under $30 million.

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Captivating Country House Project by Brain Factory

Welcome to our gallery featuring the captivating Country House project by Brain Factory.. This unique country-style villa was designed in direct communion with the surrounding landscape.

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101 Primary Bedrooms with Fireplaces (Photos)

A primary bedroom featuring a classy bed and a sitting area near the fireplace. The room offers fancy walls. A primary bedroom with a luxurious bed, carpet floors and a fireplace, along with a tall ceiling.

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Gas Fireplaces: Pros, Cons and Everything You Need To Know

Gas fireplaces finally took off as alternatives to traditional wood-burning fireplaces with the invention of the convector fire in the 1950s and by the passing of the Clean Air Act of 1956. Safer and better for the environment, gas fires have become immensely popular and widely-used. Related: 19 Types of Fireplaces for Your Home

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Very Nice White Connecticut House with Gambrel Roof

The other entry is a large mudroom with custom built coat lockers situated off the hall to the other entry door. There’s also a small extra room that is serving as a DIY wine cellar. And yet another room serves as a home gym and lounge area. The stairs from the foyer lead to a large second story landing and hall to 3 bedrooms.

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19 Different Types of Firewood Storage Ideas

The right firewood storage can save you a lot of money, not to mention a guarantee of warmth on wintry nights. To ensure proper storage, there are only three things to keep in mind: (1) make sure the top part and just about a foot or two on the sides are covered, (2) it should be elevated at least a few inches off the ground and (3) it’s not completely covered to keep the air flowing.

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Minimalist Villa Project By Lab 32 Architecten

Welcome to our gallery featuring the pristine minimalism of design by Lab32 Architecten‘s villa project. Lab32 architects designed this villa to the specifications required by a childless Dutch couple in their forties, in an exclusive residential area of Rekem in Belgium, near the Dutch border.

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