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Free Printable Gift Coupons for an Easy Last-Minute Gift

Free Printable Gift Coupons for an Easy Last-Minute Gift. Gift coupons are nothing new. They’ve been around longer than Pinterest, that’s for sure. They are easy and they allow you to truly customize your gift giving this year. Make your coupons good for a physical item or an experience.

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Make a Tear-Out Coupon Book | Make a Book of Coupons

Download and customize the coupons. Use the perforating blade and make a perforation along each column of coupons about 1/4 inch from the left edge of the coupon. (For these particular coupons, I used the edge of the colored rectangle as the edge of the coupon.) Cut the coupons into equal sizes and stack them.

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Free Printable Valentine Coupons - Life As Mom

Like the printable Christmas tags I put together in December, these coupons have an autofill feature. The blue highlighted spots indicate a space for you to type in and customize the coupons. Type your name in once and all the coupons will be signed “With Love from Mom.” Or whatever name you choose to use, like Super Ultra Lightening Babe.

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$10 Off at - Life As Mom

Yes, you can often find diapers cheaper on sale and with coupons, but when a baby needs diapers, well, ya just can’t wait for a sale. I like to make sure that the sales serve me and not the other way around. Currently, first time customers can get $10 off your first order and a $5 credit toward your second order.

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Catching Up on Coupons - Life As Mom

Used to be that I shopped everywhere each week with coupons clutched tightly in hand. I was highly motivated to get out of debt. And couponing helped us get through a rough time and without losing our shirts. I still rely on coupons to help us save a substantial amount of money each month.

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12 Ways to Save on Household Expenses (Frugal Friday)

Here are twelve ways to save on household expenses: 1. Make your own cleaners or get them cheap with coupons. There is no reason for you to pay exorbitant prices on household cleaners. Years ago I found that I could combine coupons and sales and get everything we needed for very, very cheap.

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Adventures in Couponing: 8 Great Ways to Find Coupons

Adventures in Couponing: 8 Great Ways to Find Coupons. Newspaper Insert Coupons – I buy two Sunday papers a week. Visit the Sunday Coupon Preview to get a glimpse of what coupons will be in the paper. If I know that there are some really good ones (ie $2.50 off Electrosol), then I will buy extra papers, peek in the recycle bin at the

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Paying Off Debt When You're Self-Employed

With the Acme Card Sales, 30% off and coupons I was able to get 10 Raid Yellow Jacket Traps that sell for $8.94 for .70 a piece (we are seasonal campers) I also snagged items such as laundry detergent. All he detergent was $6.99 then 50% off with $2 coupon I paid $1.50 for each.

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Grocery Geek Rides Again! - Life As Mom

You know that I love to save money on groceries by using coupons. And after six weeks of subsistence grocery shopping, I’m getting back in the saddle again. I haven’t really clipped a coupon or snagged a major grocery deal since before Christmas! What’s going on here? Well, we ate from the pantry in January […]

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Coupon $20 Off Bowling for 4 - Life As Mom

When our family goes anyplace, it's a group outing. So, I love hearing about discounts that benefit families and large groups. Right now you can print an AMF Bowling coupon good for $20 off a game for 4 people or more. If you don't have a mess o' kids of your own to take with, ask some friends and make it a party.

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