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12 Facts To Know About Google My Business Appointment URLs

Google wants people to make an appointment. Businesses now can add (in the Google My Business dashboard) a link to a “book an appointment” page or similar page. The link will show up wherever your Google My Business page shows up in the local search results.

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10 Types of Ninja Pages You Can Sneak up the Local Search

People who do local SEO are pretty resourceful at rubbing keywords all over pages they want to rank. They’re less creative with the types of pages they try to get to rank.. Often those pages are limited to the homepage, a few “service” pages, and maybe some doughy “city” pages.. Those types of pages matter – as do other good standard types of pages – but other kinds can surprise you.

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Takeaway from Google’s New Local 3-Pack: Go Niche, Young Man!

Google’s dreadful new 3-pack of local results is a push toward AdWords, without a doubt. They may also pass it off as a usability improvement, but it’s mostly classic Mountain View skullduggery. But I think it also at least hints at what kinds of local-business results Google wants to show when money isn’t involved: a handful of results for local specialists.

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Best Mike Blumenthal Blog Posts (So Far): a Poll of

Best Mike Blumenthal Blog Posts (So Far): a Poll of Longtime Fans. August 1, 2014 18 Comments. Like my post? Please share! Twitter 0. Just fantastic! Hats off to you, Mike – it’s been a privilege learning from you for the better part of a decade! I mean who else was writing about the pixel size of fucking coupons at that point?

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19 Species of Google Places Photos – Good and Bad

19 Species of Google Places Photos – Good and Bad. September 29, 2011 6 Comments. Like my post? Please share! Twitter 0. Facebook 0. LinkedIn 0. Photos don’t directly affect your ranking in Google Places, but they’re mighty important to your local visibility.

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Best Time-Management for Google Places

Test coupons. Test different ways to ask your customers for reviews. Try other unconventional experiments. This is how you find the best ways to stay visible and get the phone to ring more and more. Running SEO analyses. You need to keep your site ship-shape. WebsiteGrader.com is a good way to do this. So is keeping an eye on Google Analytics

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Google Helpouts Didn’t Have Time to Bleed

Google Helpouts and Jesse Ventura’s character in Predator have much in common: They both showed early promise, but got killed off way too soon.. Well, on second thought, I guess that’s all they have in common. Unlike the just-retired Google Helpouts, Jesse actually put up a fight.. As you may know, Helpouts was a way to talk with an “expert” over video chat – specifically Google

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Google Places Visibility as a Decathlon

I apologize in advance if sports metaphors annoy you. But if you can tolerate them, I’ve got a good one: Getting your business visible in Google Places is like the Olympic decathlon. (You know, that 10-event track-and-field challenge that’s as painful to watch as seeing someone eat a pack of Jolly Ranchers the day after getting a root canal.)

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25 Principles of Building Effective City Pages for Local

25 Principles of Building Effective City Pages for Local SEO. April 6, 2015 61 Comments. Like my post? Please share! Twitter 0. It’s a little easier to link to pages that show off work you’re proud of – rather than link to one city page of a dozen. Consider adding city-specific coupons or special offers. This is another nice way

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