2019 Top 50 Promotional Products Suppliers: Stats, Trends

Some projections show the promo industry's recent and unprecedented sales growth slowing in the coming years. But 2018 was not that year. Our 2019 Top 50 Suppliers totaled more than $6.5 billion in 2018 sales, up from $5.2 billion in 2017. That's a big jump, no doubt due in part to the several large suppliers missing from last year’s list that returned for this year (including three top-10

Actived: Saturday Mar 28, 2020


Inc. 5000 Roundup: PopSockets Grows 71,000%, Several Promo

PopSockets' $168.8 million in sales was good for 176th out of the 5,000 companies on the list. Considering the items retail for about $10 to $15, that's a lot of product flying off shelves—something in the neighborhood of 13 million units sold, by our rough estimations. PopSockets aside, several other promo and print companies made the Inc. 5000.

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The Golden State Warriors’ Hooptopia Fan Experience Is

Following a five-season run that saw them claim three NBA titles and two Finals losses, the Golden State Warriors have fallen on hard times and will take the league’s worst record into tonight’s tilt versus the Memphis Grizzlies. Preferring to focus on the glory days, the San Francisco franchise is giving fans an amazing, albeit unexpected, trip down memory lane through Hooptopia, the

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A1 Releases Meat-Scented Promotional Candles for Father's Day

At the end of the day, this is the type of promotional product that gives us hope. Without fear, A1 has volunteered to give dads what they never knew they wanted, but needed nonetheless. To top it all off, this promotion is peak dad-humor, too, full of gimmicky fun and lighthearted, wacky spirit. It's a dad joke in candle form.

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Using Team Spirit for a Successful Promotion - Promo Marketing

So, basically, when the Texans won their game, it was a game-activation piece that if they won, anybody with the tattoo could use the application that you would download, and it would read that bull head and give them the coupon code and the special effect to go shop at Palais Royal for 40 percent off.

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2018 Wrap-Up: 10 Distributor Success Stories We Ran This Year

Patience Pays Off Stephen Willworth, vice president of new markets for SVS Marketing, Toronto, had to handle the toughest variable of all: time. "Everything had limited amounts of time to ship," he said. "And there was a lot of kitting involved.

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The Sweet Life: An abridged menu of the industry's best

Looking to rack up some serious grocery bills with your biggest clients? Check out these great edible promotions, complete with tips and ideas for use from the suppliers who sell them.

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Automotive Promotional Products Perfect for Dealerships

Making Memories The best promotions are those that create a memorable experience. Keith Addis, vice president of sales for K&R Precision, Cheektowaga, N.Y. detailed one example where a pizza franchise sent its delivery drivers to clear snow off local residents' car windows.On each car, the drivers left an ice scraper branded with the franchise's logo and phone number.

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Purdue Pharma and Promotional Products: Marketing the

Purdue Pharma’s promotion of OxyContin over the years has been notable in its ability to convince doctors to prescribe extremely high doses of the painkiller on the strength of a marketing strategy that depended to a significant degree on promotional products such as clocks, fishing hats and pens.

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Philly Company's Big Idea for Promo Apparel Sustainability

Since consumers are increasingly treating more seriously the calls for sustainability in the apparel world, these logo patches will likely remind consumers that they need not enlist someone to make a shirt each time they have an event, gathering, convocation or other public responsibility to pull off or attend. We definitely know that

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Air Cannons, Inc. Announces New Shrink Wrap Service

With the introduction of their new shrink-wrap service, Air Cannons Inc. announced that each T-shirt will be wrapped in plastic and ready to launch, providing a nice professional look when a person catches the shirt. The shrink-wrap also protects the T-shirts from dirt and scuffs in case it hits the ground. Previously, T-shirts were wrapped in tape or rubber bands to keep the t-shirt together

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