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Actived: Saturday Oct 17, 2020


MBS CLOSE: "Up In Coupon, Up In Coupon"

Around the imaginary Graham/Quinones household this week, it was hard to miss the persistent cadence of Adam dashing around the house, clapping his hands, shouting "Up In Coupon!

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MBS Day Ahead: 2.0 MBS Coupon Staking Its Claim; Fed Day

In fact, the writing is so clear that 2.0 coupons have had a much easier time getting off the ground relative to the 2.5 coupon saga in 2012/2016. In fact, FINRA only recorded 228 trades of 2.5

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MBS OPEN: Down in Coupon

The yield curve continues to flatten, spreads are unchanged in thinner coupons and slightly wider on the fuller side of the stack (5.5s through 6.5). We are moving down in coupon early in the

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Introducing 2.5% MBS Coupons - Mortgage News Daily

The title is a bit misleading. 2.5% coupons are nothing new--especially if we're talking about 15yr MBS. Even in 30yr MBS, 2.5s were being traded as far back as 2012.

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MBS Day Ahead: Fed Buying UMBS 2.0 Coupons This Week

Bonds lost ground last week, overall, with 10yr yields rising the better part of 10bps. MBS lost ground as well, but not UMBS 2.0 coupons. These are the up-and-comers. Now this week, the Fed has

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MBS DAILY WRAP: Another Day, Another Rally, Another Move

It would speed them up (people would pay off quicker as they refinanced more easily). SOOO investors are not in a hurry to buy that higher coupon stuff for several good reasons.

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