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Actived: Thursday Oct 22, 2020


“Health on the Shelf”: Supermarket layout drives junk food

29 Jul 2019 --- Supermarket layouts, pricing strategies and shopping environments are worsening the obesity epidemic. This is according to UK research published by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and weight-loss organization Slimming World. Thirty-six percent of shoppers impulse buy unhealthy products on a special offer, and 20 percent say supermarkets cause them to go off track

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"Recessionistas" and Calorie Counters Lead 2010 Health

4. Clipping coupons will remain in vogue. Just as "recessionistas" will look for foods and beverages to provide "functional benefits" they will also look for the best deals on their favorite foods. Consumers will pay attention to "dollar days," specials at stores, and use coupons to help them save additional money. 5.

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Connective technologies lead packaging into the digital future

23 Jul 2018 --- Connected Packaging and the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a world of possibilities for brands to communicate with their customers in more engaging and proactive ways. Brand owners are beginning to realize the massive potential of pioneering technologies such as Near-Field communication (NFC), QR codes, barcode scan and Augmented Reality (AR) in increasing brand loyalty

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“When business fights malnutrition, everybody profits

24 Oct 2018 --- Innovation is key to providing affordable, nutritious foods to lower-income consumers, a currently underserved segment in need of industry attention. This growing industry spotlight will not only provide millions of consumers around the globe with the much-needed means to fight malnutrition, but also present the industry with an array of business opportunities. This is

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Labels of the future: Sustainable and technological

25 Jun 2018 --- Innovation within labels is expanding and diversifying to meet the challenges of modern consumerism. Food and beverage companies are producing more environmentally-conscious products and labels are the medium through which this message can be conveyed to the increasingly mindful consumer. Label suppliers are conscious too that their solutions are compatible with sustainable

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