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Correct Oil For Harley Primary And Transmission?

A reader asks: “I’m looking to switch my Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special over to AMSOIL. Obviously the engine will take your synthetic 20W-50, but I’m curious about what to use in the primary and transmission. There are a lot of different combinations put out there on the internet.

Actived: Monday Apr 6, 2020

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Q&A on AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost

Water with AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost 0.14 mg/cm2/wk (Max 1.00 mg/cm2/wk) *AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost reduced weight loss by 3.83 mg/cm2/wk. c) ASTM D‐2570 In this test, six coupons made from the metals most commonly found in automotive cooling systems are exposed to the coolant mixture for 1,064 hours at 190°F.

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Preventing Winter Power Steering Fluid Problems

Preventing Winter Power Steering Fluid Problems Tech Discussion. Cars and trucks tend not to be very happy when exceptionally cold whether hits. But major mechanical problems can arise that go far further than poor starting and dead batteries. Some vehicles are very prone to catastrophic power steering freeze-up.

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AMSOIL Preferred Customer Shipping Promotion February 21

AMSOIL Preferred Customer Shipping Promotion February 21-27, 2018 Preferred Customers enjoy access to the entire AMSOIL product line at 20% off of suggested retail with exclusive shipping rates. The Preferred Customer membership is AMSOIL’s most popular wholesale program.

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