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Small Business Loans Up To $250,000, Simple - OnDeck

OnDeck is your go-to for small business loans. Short term loans up to $250,000 and lines of credit up to $100,000. Funds as fast as 24 hours.

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How to Launch a Successful Loyalty Program For Your Small

For a while, it was very trendy for businesses to offer coupons incentivizing new customers and irregular customers. But as the fate of companies like Groupon has showed, these tactics are sometimes nothing more than a fad, and might not pay off for small businesses. Your best customers are critical — they have the loyalty that you want to keep.

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5 Tips to Evaluating Your Small Business Social Media

This is a great way for you to encourage a transaction, offer coupons, or get a phone call or email, without having a potential customer dropping off on the way to your website. For example, you can set up your business’s Facebook page template to one of 8, which include optimizations for Business, Services, Restaurants & Cafes, and Shopping.

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Small Business Best Practices for Email Marketing - OnDeck

One of the best places to connect directly with your customers is in their inboxes. A study of the email behaviors of nearly 2,000 Americans in The Inbox Report 2017, by marketing platform Fluent, shows just how important email is to your customers’ daily lives—and how important email marketing can be for your business:. More than 80 percent of respondents check email daily, and two-thirds

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How SWOT Analysis and Other Tools Can Help Your Small

Using data and analytics is a practice large enterprises know the value of. A 2016 study by International Data Group (IDG) found 78 percent agreed that data strategy, collection and analysis have the potential to completely shift and improve business operations. Small businesses don’t need sophisticated data-gathering to produce a valuable analysis.

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