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Fast forward to 2019, and Oz Moving & Storage has been in business for over 25 years. Oz’s rise to the top of the NYC moving company podium is a result of our tireless hard work. Each year Oz moves 15,000 New Yorkers, both from their apartments and their offices, as nearby as Manhattan and as far away as Southern California.

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Oz Moving Promo Codes | Oz Moving & Storage

Check out Oz's current promo codes, offers, sales, and discounts! Get a free quote today to take advantage of these discounts. FREE MOVE INTO OZ STORAGEDEAL:Book a storage lease with Oz and take advantage of a free full-service move into your storage space! CODE: STORAGEMOVES20 Fill out an online storage quote or call our office at 212-452-6683 today to take advantage of this offer! DETAILS

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Moving Coupons & Discounts: 100+ Ways to Save Money while

Oz Moving is here to help you save money after your move. Use this moving discount list of over 100 sales, promotions, coupons and special offers for new homeowners, moving families, and renters to spare your bank account and make your new place into an awesome home.Disclaimer: If you're looking for available discounts at Oz Moving, check out our available promotions on our promo code page

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The Best Time To Move FAQs | Oz Moving

THE BEST TIME TO MOVE. How do you know the best time to book your move? With the advent of sites like Expedia, SeatGeek, and other price comparison websites that try and predict the ebbs and flows of pricing of certain products, buyers have become keen to buying at the right time, on the right day.

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How to Save Money on Your Move | Oz Moving Blog

Oz Moving & Storage is well aware that moving is an expensive process. From the cost of boxes, packing materials, and the services of a moving company, to the time off work required and the time lost planning, moving takes a toll on peoples’ bank accounts.No one will turn down an extra dollar saved; for some people, it makes a world of difference.

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Moving Into a House From an Apartment | Oz Moving Blog

Moving into a house from an apartment for the first time is one of the most exciting, yet stressful experiences in someone’s life. For those who have never lived in a home before, the idea of owning one can seem difficult and strange. Fortunately, many of us have blazed this trail already, and can provide insight on turning a house into a home.

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How Much Do I Need to Save Before Moving Out? | Oz Moving

How Much Money Should I Save Before Moving Out? Our quick answer would start with “3 months of expenses”. However, there are other finances, such as moving costs, that also need to be considered into this total. The financial implications of moving from one home to the next can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time moving out. We know the numbers pretty intimately here at

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Questions to Ask Your Moving Company | Oz Moving Blog

20 Questions To Ask Your Moving Company & MoversSometimes when playing a game of "20 Questions", it’s okay to guess about some things. But it’s not okay when it comes to the fate your own personal belongings. This is the most important game of “20 Questions” you’re ever going to play. A move is a very important process and picking the right mover is tantamount to pulling it off

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Holiday Storage Tips - Oz Moving & Storage NYC, NJ, CA

How To Store Holiday Decorations Christmas is now over, meaning it will soon be time to put away those decorations. (But take your time, we won’t judge.) We wanted to give some of our expertise on storing these items in the less festive times to you; after all, it is the season of giving. We talked to Ori Siri-Princz, a manager at one of our storage facilities, to get some insight on storage

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When are moving expenses tax deductible? | Oz Moving

When are moving expenses tax deductible? It’s tax season - and if you’re moving, you might be able to get an even bigger rebate. Jonathan Francis, C.P.A. at Cirillo, Francis & Cirillo LLP taught us what moving-related expenses we can write-off, and how to find out if we are eligible for these tax benefits.

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10 Items to Throw Out Before Moving - Oz Moving & Storage

10 Tips For Downsizing Your HomeYou’re getting ready for your moving day, looking through you house and taking inventory, when you realize: “I have way too much stuff.” Who needs so many things, so much clutter? We say get rid of it, especially if you're downsizing your home. Our list of 10 items (and a few more) to get rid of can help you make your moving day a little bit easier, and in

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