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What Happens to Your Net Revenue When You Offer Discounts?

Then, you look at your net revenue. Last month, you offered coupons that took $1 off a pizza. If 200 people used the coupon, you have $200 in discount expenses. When you calculate your net revenue, you subtract the amount you discounted ($200) from your gross revenue: $9,000 – $200 = $8,800. Discounts decrease your net revenue.

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Advertising and Promotion Expenses | How to Deduct for

Unlike an advertisement that shows off your business’s offerings, a promotion tries to get customers in the door by providing something. Let’s say you put coupons to your business in your local newspaper. These coupons promote your business by giving customers something of value. How to record an advertising and promotion expense in your books

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7 Tips on How to Get Out of Business Debt

You need money to pay off your debts. To have more money, you need to raise your revenue. Try using tactics to increase your business’s revenue. Create promotions to generate interest from customers. You might have a special sale or pass out coupons. Promotions can encourage people to buy more from your business. But, be careful.

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Balancing Your Cash Drawer | Steps, Tips, & More

Your cash drawer, also called a register or till, stores cash, coins, checks, and other valuable items (e.g., coupons) at the point-of-sale (POS). At the end of each day, shift, or period, you must balance your cash drawer to account for all incoming transactions.

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Pre-tax vs. Post-tax Deductions - What's the Difference?

You will withhold $25 from Carole’s wages for her retirement account. In the end, Carole will take home $401.50 ($500 – $28 – $31 – $14.50 – $25).

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Customer Conflict Resolution | Common Problems and Solutions

Tailor solutions to the customer and their specific problem. Don’t offer a universal solution for everyone who has conflict. For example, offering a refund might be necessary, but it shouldn’t be the only customer conflict resolution step you take. Here are some reasons a customer might be upset, along with possible solutions:

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How to Find Net Sales | Formula and Examples

Example: If you send a customer an invoice for $5,000, you could offer a 2 percent discount if they pay you within fifteen days. The discount would be a $100 deduction from your gross sales. Discounts may also be offered as special offers or coupons during holidays, annual events, or seasonal promotions.

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When Is Cash-basis Accounting Acceptable in Business?

When is cash-basis accounting acceptable? Before finding out if you can use cash-basis accounting, take a look at how this method works. Then, check out the list of businesses that can and cannot use cash-basis accounting near the end of this article.

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Small Business Marketing Ideas | Inexpensive Solutions

You need inexpensive and effective small business marketing ideas. Marketing tips for small business Before a small business’s customer following can truly take off, you need to have a marketing plan in place that details your target audience, how often you will actively market, and types of marketing strategies you plan to carry out.

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Ledger Account | How to Post Entries to the General Ledger

Ledger account example. As a small business owner, you should be posting to the general ledger as you make transactions. At the end of each month, transfer journal entries into a ledger. The ledger organizes the same information in a different format. Instead of a comprehensive list, ledger entries are separated into different accounts.

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