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Ray's Mill - Raytown Maine

At this time a resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors to issue coupon bonds for up to $150,000 (150 bonds at $1000 each), at an interest rate of 6%. The bonds issued by the Ray Lumber Company were payable semi-annually until July 1, 1932 with $30 coupons, and were dated July 1, 1912. This resolution was signed by Ray, as Treasurer.

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The Secrets of Surfside

The Secrets of Surfside - SRD . Over the many years of vacationing at Surfside Beach we have learned many secrets of visiting the area. We have perfected going to the beach and want to share with you the secrets that we have learned in hope that your family will have a magnificent vacation experience. Where is Surfside Beach. Surfside Beach is located on the southern end of the Grand Strand of

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Newsletter 40: May 1986

TSI will only redeem the coupons until December 31, 1986. The $1000 coupon is only redeemable towards the purchase of the tape-based VersaBraille at its regular retail price, $6750. This price includes a one-year warranty; additional one-year service agreements are also available for $590 at time of sale, or $655 thereafter.

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NEWSLETTER #27 04/01/85

When you send the $40 payment for the BETTE Manual, we'll issue you a coupon worth $40 off the purchase price of the BETTE software package itself. A BETTE package, which costs $400, includes the BETTE software, BETTE Manual, BRAILLE-EDIT Manual and Interface Guide, and a year's subscription to our Newsletter.

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Newsletter 51: April 1987

Raised Dot Computing Newsletter: Exploring Microcomputer Applications For The Visually Impaired -- ISSN 0890-0019 April 1987 -- Volume 5, Number 51. Published Monthly by Raised Dot Computing, Inc., 408 South Baldwin Street, Madison WI 53703. General phone: 608-257-9595. Technical Hotline: 608-257-8833.

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