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Paul managed the Norbest gift certificates program for over 19 years at Norbest, Inc. until 2006.For the next three years PFR Corporate Gifts, Inc. was the exclusive agent for Norbest® gift certificates.

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Employee Gifts and the IRS de minimis benefits rule

Cash gifts, retailer gift cards, and some gift certificates used as employee gifts must be reported by your employee as taxable income. In contrast, our gift certificates are exempt from this requirement under the IRS de minimis fringe benefit rule, are not considered taxable income, do not need to be processed through payroll, and may be deducted as a non-wage business expense by the employer.

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Cashiers - Please accept these gift certificates: Perfect

• Customer receives up to the stated maximum off the price of the product. Cash Office Instructions: Coupon is processed through coupon clearing house like other coupons. Store will receive redemption of all coupons, up to the coupon maximum value as described above. Applicable taxes to be paid by recipient. Repayment instructions on reverse.

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