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Academic And Registration Calendar :

Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to provide a common academic calendar among community colleges to: 1) facilitate student enrollment at more than one institution and in collaborative programs, 2) enable institutions to share resources, including courses, faculty, and physical facilities, 3) encourage and support the formation of consortia and partnerships, 4) permit greater efficiency in

Actived: Friday Apr 3, 2020

URL: https://policies.tbr.edu/guidelines/academic-calendar-and-student-registration

Collection of Accounts Receivable : B-010 | policies.tbr.edu

Receivables submitted for write off must have been subjected to appropriate collection efforts in accordance with this guideline and institution procedures. Reserve. A reserve for doubtful accounts should be established for activities for which accounts receivable represent a material amount to the activity income.

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Guidelines - Tennessee Board of Regents

Off-campus courses and programs delivered by the media and which require initial and/or periodic group meetings are to be treated in accordance with paragraph II.D. of this guideline. If media delivery system does not necessitate group meetings, then formal communications are not required. If a coupon system is used, coupons should be sent

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Business and Finance Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to establish the process regarding collection of accounts receivable at the System Office and institutions governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents.

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