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Actived: Thursday Dec 3, 2020


When choice is demotivating: Can one desire too much of a

All consumers who approached the table received a coupon for a $1-discount off the purchase of any Wilkin & Sons jam. Afterwards, any shoppers who wished to purchase the jam needed to go to the relevant jam shelf, select the jam of their choice, and then purchase the item at the store's main cash registers.

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Getting the most out of living abroad: Biculturalism and

Seventy-eight MBA students (55 male, 23 female; age: M = 29.06 years, SD = 2.21) at a large business school in Europe participated in exchange for two coupons for a free coffee. To be eligible for the study, participants were required to have lived abroad in a country that was different from their country of origin ( M = 4.10 years, SD = 3.83).

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The impact of cosmetic surgery advertising on women’s body

Condition 1 contained no additional information other than the aforementioned slogans; Condition 2 included discount incentives in the form of direct monetary discounts (e.g., “£500 off your first procedure”); and Condition 3 included information on risks relating to undergoing cosmetic surgery (e.g., “All surgical procedures involve risks.

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“A high price paid”: Migration-related loss and distress

This study aimed at identifying the prevalence of migration-related loss and its association with psychological distress among undocumented Mexican immigrants. Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) was used to collect and analyze data from clinical interviews with 248 undocumented Mexican immigrants residing near the California-Mexico border. All participants reported a history of migration-related

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Those who laugh are defenseless: How humor breaks

After the evaluative conditioning procedure and a subsequent 3-min filler task, participants were asked to imagine that the producer of the energy drinks offered them a total of eight discount coupons, each worth 50 eurocents off the purchase price of the brands.

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Rational versus intuitive problem solving: How thinking

We compared the effects of rational versus intuitive problem solving on creativity. We argued that the relative effectiveness of these approaches depends upon an individual's typical thinking style such that individuals will be more creative when they adopt a problem-solving approach that differs from their typical style of thinking (e.g., individuals who avoid rational thinking will exhibit

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Thanksgiving vacation which further helped to set off the period in the minds of the children. The questionnaire was given by students in 2 pieces of cloth 22. coupons 42. seeds 3. rubber bands 23. stamps 43. butterflies, moths 4. pieces of metal 24. cigar bands 44. insects, bugs 5. small boxes 25. tobacco labels 45. shells

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Contingent weighting in judgment and choice.

Preference can be inferred from direct choice between options or from a matching procedure in which the decision maker adjusts one option to match another. Studies of preferences between two-dimensional options (e.g., public policies, job applicants, benefit plans) show that the more prominent dimension looms larger in choice than in matching. Thus, choice is more lexicographic than matching

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The impact of cosmetic surgery advertising on women’s body

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly common, and the way it is advertised has raised concern (American Society of Plastic Surgeons [ASPS], 2004; British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons [BAAPS], 2008). Two experimental, between-participants studies examined the impact of cosmetic surgery advertising on body image and attitudes toward surgery.

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Implementation intentions: Strong effects of simple plans.

When people encounter problems in translating their goals into action (e.g., failing to get started, becoming distracted, or falling into bad habits), they may strategically call on automatic processes in an attempt to secure goal attainment. This can be achieved by plans in the form of implementation intentions that link anticipated critical situations to goal-directed responses ("Whenever

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