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Outlast the Competition. Gastric discomfort is a common problem for horses that can affect health, attitude, and performance. Purina ® Outlast ® Gastric Support Supplement helps support gastric health and maintain proper pH.. Explore More About Outlast®

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Feed Greatness Platform | Purina Animal Nutrition

Receive coupons worth $6.00 OFF Purina feed when you take the Feed Greatness Challenge! Sign up for layer feed coupons. Check your email for coupons, including a $3.00 off feed coupon to start, then $2.00 off, and $1.00 on treats once you complete the Challenge. Visit your local Purina Retailer. Feed for 60 days and track results. Share your #

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Purina’s Horse Feed Trial

It takes approximately four bags of feed for one horse for 60 days, so we’ll give you two (2) Buy One Get One (BOGO) coupons for feed (up to $20 off) and materials to guide you through the 60-day trial. Finding the right horse feeding program is paramount to helping your horse perform and feel their best.

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Chicken & Poultry Feed l Purina

Get your flock off to a healthy, strong start with our expert guidance and nutritional poultry feeding programs. Chicks & Pullets ___ Laying Hens ___ Other Poultry ___ View All Backyard Poultry Products Download Our “My First Year With Chickens” Guide.

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Purina® Goat Grower 16 Complete Goat Feed | Purina

These are only guidelines for consumption. Some goats may have a tendency to go off feed. When this occurs, feed long stem grass hay for two to three days then continue feeding Purina ® Goat Grower Grower 16. Feed consumption will vary with life stage, environment and activity. Always provide adequate amounts of fresh, clean water.

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Show Goat Feeding | Purina Animal Nutrition

Unlock the full genetic potential and help your animal perform in the show ring with the following feeding strategies for show goats. Use High Octane ® Ultra Full ® Supplement to create lower fill (flank and lower 1/3 body). Feed 8 to 16 oz per day.

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Layena®+ Omega-3 Poultry & Chicken Feed | Purina

Purina ® Layena ® + Omega-3 feed includes all 38 nutrients hens need with added omega-3. With Layena ® + Omega-3 feed, hens can produce eggs with more omega-3 fatty acids than store-bought eggs. 2 Purina ® Layena ® + Omega-3 pellets are a complete feed for laying hens 18 weeks and older to support optimal hen health and consistent egg production with added omega-3 fatty acids.

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Horse Feed & Supplements l Purina

Take the Strategy ® Feed Challenge. One diet. Multiple lifestyles. This perfected-over-time formula provides 100% of the required protein, vitamins and minerals for horses of all ages and lifestyles.

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Purina® Outlast® Gastric Horse Supplement and Feed

It is estimated that up to 90% of active horses experience gastric discomfort, affecting health, attitude and performance. Purina ® Outlast ® Gastric Support Supplement is the latest innovation from Purina and is part of an overall gastric health program designed to aid equine gastric comfort and support horses that may develop gastric issues. . Outlast ® Supplement contains a unique blend

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Outlast Horse Gastric Support Supplement Feed | Purina

Purina® Outlast® Gastric Support Supplement is formulated to support gastric health and proper pH. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of active horses experience gastric discomfort, a­ffecting health, attitude and performance.

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Strategy® Healthy Edge® Concentrate Horse Feed | Purina

*Now with Outlast Gastric Support Supplement* For Maintenance, Performance and Senior Horses. Health inside and out. A nutritional edge. Two things every horse owner wants for their horse, and what Strategy ® Healthy Edge ® horse feed is designed to deliver. Nutrition that helps horses look amazing, feel great and perform at their best.

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