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The best money-saving apps and websites in Canada - by

First, it offers conventional coupon-style savings that you can claim on certain food items when shopping from specific retailers. For instance, you can currently save $1 off a carton of Burnbrae Farm eggs from almost every major supermarket and $2 off Maple Leaf Natural Turkey Bacon at Loblaws, Longos, and Real Canadian Superstore.

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Strategies for Saving Money on Groceries and Restaurants

Coupons and discount days. Get to know your weekly flyer and stock up when items go on sale or have coupons. If you’re a student, most grocery store chains have student days that offer 10% off your total purchase, so tweaking your schedule to visit on those days is a smart move. Shop alone

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Top 10 Money Saving Apps for your Smartphone | Ratehub.ca

This is a great app for coupon-clipping junkies. The Coupon Sherpa is “the most trusted authority for coupons online”. The app makes locating and using coupons convenient and accessible. You can search over 5,000 available coupons by store name, category or location. You can also email coupons to friends and family.

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How to Stick to a Budget in 6 Simple Steps | Ratehub.ca

Accessing shopping coupons online can help you save a dollar here and there on your grocery runs. Using investment tools, like Wealthsimple‘s Roundup feature, that takes the spare change of every dollar you spend and invests it, will help to increase your net worth with little effort. Remember, when it comes to being smart with money, every

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Rental Car Insurance - What is Car Rental - Ratehub.ca

First off, if you are somone who likes to plan a head you can book a rental online - either direct with the agency, or through a travel website like Expedia. If you prefer a more personal touch you book through an agent at a rental car agency (often found at airports) or a travel agency (oh, and Costco).

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Credit card tips for new parents | Ratehub.ca

Look at your credit card bonus categories. You’ll also want to select a credit card that rewards the right spending categories. For example, the TD CashBack Visa Infinite pays 3% cash back on bills, groceries, and gas but only 1% cash back on other purchases. Those categories work well for my family with grocery receipts a mile long, but aren’t optimized for parents of an infant making a

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5 More Ways to Save Money - Ratehub.ca Blog

If you have a balance of $2,000 and only make a payment of $60 a month, it’ll take you more than four years to pay off that debt. You’ll also have to pay $942 in interest. Alternatively, you can move that money to a balance transfer card and not pay any interest for up to a year while you pay off the balance in its entirety.

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Best Money Saving Tips | Ratehub.ca

These comments varied from humorous to completely off-base, but we still loved them. “Try pre-drinking more, sneaking mickey`s into the bar, splitting rent with 7 other people, stealing your roommate`s food, etc. Turns out college kids are money saving geniuses.” – Andrew Macdonald “Don`t get married or have children!

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Points Guru Chronicles: Ebates.ca Review | Ratehub.ca

Furthermore, the site also lists the coupons, deals, and promo codes available for its partner retailers. Recently, I made a purchase on Asos (a great website for frugal fashionistas) and earned 2.5% cash back (the Ebates.ca cash back offer) plus $30 off my $150 purchase (an Asos promo code listed on Ebates.ca).

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Laid off due to COVID-19? Here's what you need to know

Make sure to get your application in within 4 weeks, though, so try applying online in off-peak hours. The CERB benefit, however, has seen waiting times reduced and payments arrive within a few days. How it worked before Canada Emergency Response Benefit . Being laid off vs. temporary layoffs. A temporary layoff can only legally last for a

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