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Don’t Believe the Hype: Sales Tax Holidays Are Usually a

Hooray, 8% off. (maybe 9% in a bad town.) (maybe 9% in a bad town.) If Kohl’s sent me an 8% off coupon, it would go in the trash, along with the 10% and 20% off coupons they send.

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The Eternal Recurrence of Financial Corruption –

But Partnoy points out that unlike such pure fraudsters as Charles Ponzi, who claimed to be arbitraging international postal coupons to pay off investors but was merely paying off old ones with

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When Is Violating the Constitution by Pulling Over

It’s not going to be funny when you piss off some mentally unstable person and they shoot you though your rear window with a 9mm. I would feel for your family, but I wouldn’t exactly feel bad

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A $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme –

Within just a few months he was pulling in $250,000 a day, paying off the first investors with money from later investors, planning to run with the money once he had what he wanted. The scheme

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Olive Garden, Fake News, and the Rise of ‘Conspicuous Non

The Olive Garden story sits at the intersection of fake news and what might be called conspicuous non-consumption. As with the recent outrage over one of the major shareholders of Equinox gyms and

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A Tiny Reform to a Massachusetts Booze Law Reform Faces

"The answer is quite simple: Coupons would allow owners to increase their base of customers by introducing more people to their stores and products through advertising." Speliotis also notes

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College Campus Food Policy Restricts Bake Sale Fundraisers

Food Freedom. College Campus Food Policy Restricts Bake Sale Fundraisers Campus food police are making inroads all over America. Baylen Linnekin | 9.28.2019 8:30 AM

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Elizabeth Warren Is Running Out of Fake Money to Pay for

The video of the London Tube riders pulling the dumb ass off the train during morning rush hour was a great example of what you are talking about. The crowd was a feel good combination of every

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Union-Backed Ballot Initiative Would Limit Grocery Stores

Oregon. Union-Backed Ballot Initiative Would Limit Grocery Stores to 2 Self-Checkout Machines The Oregon AFL-CIO argues that self-checkout machines are costing jobs and increasing social isolation.

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The Erica Thomas Incident Wasn’t National News, But That

Racism. The Erica Thomas Incident Wasn't National News, But That Never Stops Our Outrage-Hungry Media A trivial encounter between two irate grocery shoppers becomes a viral story, then a hate hoax.

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