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Selling Online Courses from Your Own Website: A Guide

A coupon code for 5% off their next course purchase when they refer a friend is a great way to start. Creating great content and asking them to share on social media is another great way to use your network to spread the word. How to sell courses from your own website.

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Using Twitter for Your Camp Marketing - Regpack

You’re better off posting the same thing twice, once on Facebook and once on Twitter. Then simply reply to them privately (or publicly based on your preference) and give them a coupon code. Make the code something connected to Twitter. For example, the code could be your hashtag or even “twitter_campawesome”. Your registration system

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Email Marketing Tips to Get Applicants Returning

Offer a coupon code they can copy, a link to register, to fill in their details or whatever it is you are wanting them to do. 4. It offers an incentive. Not all marketing emails targeted to returning clients need to offer an incentive, of course. But when we are talking about using email to get returning applicants back, offering a discount or

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Top 5 Registration Promotions to Boost Attendance

It’s no secret that EVERYONE is always on the hunt for a great deal. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a great deal on jeans for Fall or to save a few bucks on your registration for a great event, camp session, work conference, etc.It’s no secret if you are on the business and sales side of things that offering promotions, discounts or coupons can often mean more business, or at

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