10 Best Cruise Alcohol Hacks & Tips To Get Cheap Cruise Drinks

While on a 13-day cruise on the Norwegian Star, we even had unlimited drinks for free the entire time!How did we pull that off? Be sure to see the pro tip towards the end of #9 in this post.

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10 Best Cruise Alcohol Hacks & Tips to Get Cheap Cruise Drinks

Many cruise lines have a specialty “drink of the day” which will usually save you $1-$3 off the regular price. An additional bonus to the daily drink specials is that you may even get a souvenir cup which can entail even further discounts when getting a refill. The drink of the day is usually outlined in the daily cruise newsletter.

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50 Best Cruise Hacks 2019: Tips to Save Money, WiFi

50 Best Cruise Hacks 2019: Tips to Save Money, WiFi, Weight & Hassle. January 17, Use Wifi During Off-Peak Hours for Maximum Speed. Often at the lectures, they give away money-saving coupons to use onshore or other shipboard freebees too. If so, that will be listed in the ship’s daily program.

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About Roaming Around the World

About Roaming Around the World. This website began as a hobby to chronicle our travel adventures, as we set off around the globe in back December 2013 for what was supposed to be a one-year journey.

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It can be a time-consuming task to sleuth out by clicking through several cruise listings and pretending to go through the purchase process in order to see their inventory of cabins. But your thorough detective work may pay-off in the form of a free balcony upgrade.

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