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The Rural Health Information Hub is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under Grant Number U56RH05539 (Rural Assistance Center for Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Cooperative Agreement).

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Food Assistance - RHIhub Food Access Toolkit

Other programs provide coupons for people to buy healthy foods. For example, fruit and vegetable prescription programs like Wholesome Rx “prescribe” healthy foods to patients who are at risk of diet-related illness by providing a coupon to purchase food. These programs typically operate through hospital and retail partnerships.

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Rural Farmers Market Promotes Food Security - The Rural

About one in seven Americans struggles with hunger, and rural communities seem to be hit especially hard. The Allegan Farmers Market is helping its low-income, senior, and other nutritionally at-risk populations gain access to Michigan-grown produce through a variety of incentives. These incentives include free transportation and Double Up Food Bucks that matches SNAP participants’ spending.

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Rural Hunger and Access to Healthy Food Introduction

View more Rural Hunger and Access to Healthy Food Gaining access to healthy and affordable food can be a challenge for rural residents. Many rural areas lack food retailers and are considered food deserts: areas with limited supplies of fresh, affordable foods.Ironically, some of these food deserts are in areas where farming is important to the local economy.

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