The Overall Effects Of Unemployment - Houston Chronicle

The Overall Effects of Unemployment. Unemployment, especially chronic unemployment, affects the unemployed in ways other than their pocketbooks. It affects their future ability to find a job

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How to Create Discount Coupons | Small Business -

Type in how much the discount is for and what it applies to, such as "20% off all swimwear" or "10% off everything in store with purchase of $100 or more." Put this in big letters, because it's

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How Do Coupon Companies Make Money? | Small Business

A company may sell $20 coupons for $10, for example, having already paid $5 to the business providing the deal. For these companies, coupons act as regular inventory, allowing them to employ a

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How to Enter a Disney Discount Code Online | Small

Discount codes can offer a flat amount off your order, discounted or free shipping, or a percentage discount. By applying the discount code to your Online shopping cart, your order will reflect

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How to Make a Coupon in Microsoft Word | Small Business

How to Make a Coupon in Microsoft Word. Whether you’re creating incentives for community members to try out your new products or want to encourage family members to pick up the slack around the

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How to Handle Discounts in Accounting | Small Business

How to Handle Discounts in Accounting. There are two primary types of discounts that might occur in your small business -- trade discounts and cash discounts. A trade discount occurs when you

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The Advantages of Offering Discounts at Your Business

The Advantages of Offering Discounts at Your Business. Offering potential customers discounts on purchases is a way to quickly draw people into your store. Anytime you tell a customer that he can

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Fun Ways to Give Employees the Day Off | Small Business

Fun Ways to Give Employees the Day Off. Employees appreciate salary bumps and benefits on the job, but there are times that an employer wants to go the extra mile in rewarding his employees for a

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What Is Discount Pricing Strategy? | Small Business

What Is Discount Pricing Strategy?. Pricing strategy is an important element of a product marketing campaign. More than any other element, pricing strategy directly impacts the amount of profit

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Accounting Procedures for Product Rebates | Small Business

Properly accounting for coupons and rebates is often done incorrectly because the classification gets confused. Coupons discount a price at the time of purchase. Rebates are a payment back to the

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How to Calculate the ROI of Sales Promotions | Small

How to Calculate the ROI of Sales Promotions. Promotions are a necessary expense of running your business and increasing brand awareness and sales. Small businesses should calculate the return on

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