Is Moderna Tied To Fauci, Gates, Soros, And Epstein?

Viral text accurately outlines how biotechnology company Moderna is linked to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Jeffrey Epstein. In mid-2020, the American biotechnology company

Actived: Saturday Aug 1, 2020


SCAM: Home Depot Facebook Coupon

The $200 Home Depot coupon scam is very similar to other schemes that targeted Costco, Amazon, and Kroger shoppers. While each scam has slight variations, they all feature three main components.

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H-E-B $80 Coupon Scam

H-E-B is giving away $80 grocery coupons to Facebook users. In July 2019, Facebook users began seeing posts advertising an $80 coupon offer for the H-E-B supermarket chain: These posts were the

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$100 JCPenney Coupon Scam

The $100 off $110 coupon offer that has been posted to some social media sites is not a valid JCPenney coupon. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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No, Walmart Is Not Offering a Free $50 'Anniversary

No, Walmart Is Not Offering a Free $50 ‘Anniversary’ Coupon on Facebook Yet another "free coupon" scam attempted to lure social media users with bogus promises.

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No, Kroger Is Not Offering a Free $50 ‘Anniversary’ Coupon

Kroger is offering a free $50 anniversary coupon to social media users who fill out an online survey. In March 2020, Facebook posts offering free coupons supposedly worth $50 in merchandise from

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Off Target -

A Facebook coupon offering 50% off at Target retail stores is just another survey scam. Dan Evon Claim: A Facebook coupon offering 50% off at Target stores is real.

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SCAM: Meijer $75 Off Coupon -

A $100 off "Back to School" Meijer coupon is just another survey scam. The Meijer supercenter chain is not giving away $75 coupons to users who like and share Facebook posts; it's a form of survey

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FACT CHECK: $75 Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon?

In April 2017, a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon offer (purportedly good for $75 off any purchase) began circulating on Facebook under the guise of a Mother’s Day promotion:

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ALDI Coupons Facebook Scam -

“Aldi has a coupon for $60 off a minimum $70 purchase. Aldi has verified this is a scam, but people are sharing it all over facebook.” These coupons are not legitimate, as ALDI themselves

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FACT CHECK: Lowe's Coupon Scam -

This coupon offer was fake, just another iteration of similar scams that have made the online rounds several times before. In May 2015, a fraudulent offer for $100 Lowe’s coupons started

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