Solved: Kindle Fire And On Board Movies - The Southwest

Solved: Does anyone know how to download the onboard movies onto my kindle fire? I can't seem to find a way to get it on my kindle . Thanks

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Southwest: The Store Discount Promotion - The Southwest

We're celebrating the new name, look, and products of Southwest: The Store with a promotional offer for our Customers. Using one of the discount codes offered on our Facebook and Twitter pages, Customers are eligible to receive a 20% discount on select products. Please see terms and conditions below

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Coupon Card - The Southwest Airlines Community

Does anyone know by any chance how many "coupon cards" can used in a single vacation package?? I have 2 different coupon card with 100$ off any vacation package of over $1,000. Thank you for the help!

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Solved: Purchasing Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines

I have the Priority SW card and gives me 20% off all inflight purchases. I received some coupons from a FA, so I haven't needed to use my card inflight yet. Also, I was wondering what would trigger my reception of coupons directly from SW. Wonder no more, as I received 4 in the mail yesterday.

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SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase? - The Southwest Airlines

Back when I was an A-Lister, I was showered with free drink coupons (good times). However I've had to switch airlines for more convenient business travel, and no longer have a handful of near-expiring coupons. Does Southwest ever just sell drink coupons to customers so they can give them as gifts

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luv vouchers - The Southwest Airlines Community

I am trying to save money to get to Seattle for a job interview with the fire department and I am all the way in michigan so if anyone has any travel vouchers that they dont want, I can take them off your hands 😊

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Solved: Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines Community

I never knew that the drink coupons came every 10 flights. Do flights booked with points count toward that? Do all the flights have to be in the same calendar year, or is this just a running count that every 10 flights I earn another set of coupons? I guess this isn't the most important thing, but I've occasionally wondered what triggered the

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Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines Community

Southwest used to send drink Coupons whenever points were redeemed for free travel. Has this stopped or am I doing something wrong. My preference is set to receive coupons. I have not gotten coupons in almost three years. Help please!

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A Message About Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines

For years, Southwest Airlines has accepted all types of drink coupons on our planes – regardless of their expiration dates. Rapid Rewards coupons. Business Select coupons. Old Company Club coupons. Coupons from the 80s, coupons from the 90s. And we’ve done so for all the right reasons. However, in

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What's Brewin' With Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines

The Drink Coupons expire one year from the last day of the month in which the coupons are issued. For example, if coupons are issued in October 2010, the expiration will be October 31, 2011. Take Off to Set Sail! Southwest® offers a magical Disney Cruise Line vacation. Relaxing California Vacations to Put the Ahhhhh in California.

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Free Drink Coupons for First Responders - The Southwest

@bturkish . First off thank you for your service. I am not aware of any free drink coupons for first responders but maybe if you mention it to the Flight Attendant on your flight they might be able to get you a drink for free.

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