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Actived: Monday Oct 19, 2020

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Personal Spend Management: Can’t Use Your Groupon? Sell It.

The site also eliminates the "meet a creepy dude downtown somewhere from craigslist" aspect, as coupons are instantly downloadable and printable in the comfort of your creep-free home. The turnaround time on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial is so quick that deals are gone sometimes within hours: Lifesta holds a coupon until it's either sold

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Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee - Spend Matters

Luckily, the call for contracting to get better deals also resonates with the frugal culture of the profession. While in government, I often took surveys of contracting folks to ask how many of them used cents-off coupons when they shopped. Typically, 90 percent did. Sheena Moore

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Solving the Jobs Problem Requires Rethinking Basic Policy

The world doesn’t need jobs. it needs the elimination of price tags on survival supplies… so folks can get off the "over a barrel" of needing to slave for survival coupons (money) in a disgusting servitude-infested monetary discrimination-infested earn’n’deserve sham… called capitalism.

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Friday Rant: Canadian Consumers May Lose Their Beloved

[and] One group auctions off rare Canadian Tire bills and publishes a newsletter devoted to the coupons." Even eBay serves as a kind of currency trading exchange for tire dollars. Quite incredibly, "About one billion bills are in circulation across Canada, worth an estimated 100 million Canadian dollars

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Friday Rant: Some Ruminations on the Phrase "Print is Dead

In honor of heading back to school this week (One year left. One year left.), I'm going to rant about books and other printed things today. In today's world, you would be excused if you believed after reading all the marketing hype that procurement is moving completely to "the Cloud" and our beloved books will find new digital homes in the Kindle.

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Kevin Potts' Wrap From Phoenix - AMR Research Champions

Walking off the plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, a western sun was shining and the temperature was 99 degrees. For the next few days, I felt like I had stepped out of my real world and into a comic book story. Where was the incessantly gloomy economy, so much the topic on the front page of The Boston Globe for the last year?

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