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Articles - Put Savings (and Yourself) First With a Budget

Put Savings (and Yourself) First With a Budget. If your credit card debt is high, consider paying it off with a home equity loan, which may offer a tax deduction, or a consolidation loan. Can you reduce the grocery bill with coupons or more economical meals? How about taking public transportation instead of cabs?

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Save on Back to School Shopping

Follow the tips below to make the most of your back to school spending plan and ensure your child has everything they need to start the year off right. Talk with teachers. Contact the school to find out if pre-assembled supply kits are available for purchase. Kits may be more affordable than purchasing items on your own.

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Pricing Products and Services -

You may also choose to lower prices temporarily through discounts and coupons. This is the best way to lower prices, because when the discount period has passed, you are free to go back to your normal prices. You may consider buy-one-get-one free promotions, rebates, percentages off, select customer appreciation sales, and so on.

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TD Bank Offers, Promotions And Sign Up Bonuses

Visit now to learn about all of TD Bank's offers, promotions and sign up bonuses on everything from checking accounts, to credit cards to investment accounts.

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Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers

Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers. Overview. With recent changes in consumer shopping habits, many companies are adopting sales and marketing strategies that reflect a more personalized approach to servicing their customers.

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The back-to-school budget

Put your budget at the top and fill in the chart as you go. Clip coupons, comparison shop and come in under budget! B-I-N-G-O! Have your child divide your list into "needs" and "wants." Create a BINGO game using the "needs" and cross off the squares as you shop. Use the "wants" as a reward for crossing off a row of "needs" - Bingo! Map quest.

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TD Bank, N.A.

Hmm. Looks like your browser's a bit out of date. Hum parece que su navegador está un poco desactualizado. For a better online banking experience and full site

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Green Your Lifestyle - TD Bank, N.A.

Green Your Lifestyle Save money while reducing your carbon footprint Did you know the activities of the average American emit more than 20 tons of greenhouse gases each year? 1, 2 Greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, contribute to global warming and the environmental challenges of climate change. Your contribution to greenhouse gases is referred to as your "carbon footprint."

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Financial Education: Improve your Financial Fitness | TD Bank

Could you pay less for the same services by changing service providers? Are coupons available for your favorite grocery items? Are you paying for services you rarely use? Pay down debt Pay new bills in full, on time. Set realistic payment amounts and timeframes for paying off existing debt. Save for "rainy days"

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Promoting Your Business - TD Bank, N.A.

The most common response vehicles are the bingo cards (which allow readers to request more information about advertisers in the issue) or reader response cards, but these are the worst quality of leads. While circulation figures remain steady year round, be aware that readership falls off in the summer as more people spend time outdoors.

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