Ending The School Year Virtually + Crisis Classroom

I want to share some thoughts about closing out your school year virtually, for those whose schools aren’t reopening this spring. I’ll give you some virtual end-of-year activities to create closure for the year even when you can’t be face-to-face with your students. And, we’ll briefly cover the classroom closeout process. If you’re being given […]

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How Kim Lepre trimmed 15 hours off her workweek

ANGELA: I want to start by asking how many hours a week you’re working and what you were working before. KIM: So before I joined the club, I was working about 62 hours a week.That included my duty day, obviously. Then, after the first year of the club, I trimmed it down to 50. Now, because I’ve still been working on a lot of the different tactics that I learned in the club, I would say I

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Fewer things, better: 4 beliefs to help you focus on what

You cannot write this off as feel-good mumbo jumbo. You cannot just agree in theory or wish this was true. You need to actually believe it — to know it to be true, to feel it deep in your bones — so that it guides all your decision-making about how you spend your time. Too often, we try to take action without shifting our beliefs.

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Overcoming mom guilt / dad guilt when you spend more time

It’s very hard to be “off” particularly since things may still be happening in the evenings and weekends — parents or your principal or your colleagues might be emailing, for example. The lines between work and home are quite blurry for many people in all different fields, so figuring out how you want to separate them is key.

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How to thrive as an introverted teacher

Yeah. My husband would always go and eat with all the other teachers and then come chat with me for two minutes at the end of lunch. “I miss you, hi,” and then go off and do his own teaching. Obviously, you married an extrovert. Yes, definitely. I did, too. My husband loves being around other people. He can talk to anyone about anything.

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5 summer traps to avoid so you can slow down and rejuvenate

This is the time of year when summer stretches ahead of us endlessly, but we all know how quickly it will actually fly by. There are 5 traps you want to avoid so you can make sure you feel rejuvenated when school begins again.  1) Under-planning your time off The teacher who under schedules […]

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Don't know what to ask for as your Christmas gift this year?

Plus, from today through December 7th, you can get 15% off your entire order using the coupon code MERRY15. I hope this post gives you some possible gift suggestions for yourself to share with your family members, and some new and fun ideas for your co-worker/teacher friend gifts. I truly appreciate each and every purchase.

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February's best teacher freebies - The Cornerstone For

Exciting news–I’m now blogging over at Classroom Freebies Too! It’s a continuation of the collaborative Classroom Freebies blog started by Charity Preston. Since it’s inception less than four months ago, Classroom Freebies has hit over 1,000,000 page views! 100 educators from grades PreK-12 post links to free printable activities on a daily basis. I am honored to be among the second …

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How to use Genius Hour to transform student motivation and

Learn more at (which is a special link just for readers of this blog, and by purchasing there, I get a small commission off the course at no cost to you.) Don’t forget to use the coupon code ANGELA to save an additional 20%!

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How to fill a prize box for free

I use lots of coupons- helper for the day, keep a stuffed animal at your desk, write with a marker for a day, no homework, candy from the candy jar, lunch with the teacher. Lunch with me IS unbelievably popular, as is the stuffed animal at the desk (with strict rules, of course).

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How do you know when it's time to quit teaching?

I read a comment on a thread in the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club that I just can’t stop thinking about. It’s from a teacher named Rosie. She wrote, “ My wife and I are planning on beginning the adoption process in the next year or so. I’ve implemented many of the strategies from this group for over a year, which has helped tremendously with being efficient and developing systems to

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