How To Substitute Applesauce For Oil In Baking - The Happy

Hi. It depends on what your issue is. I found a recipe for classic bran muffins on I will sub some unsweetened apple sauce (which still has sugar from the apples) for oil but cut the sugar content in half (it calls for 2/3 cup of brown sugar).

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Coupons For Troops FAQ Page - The Happy Housewife™

Coupons for Troops is a program that allows military (and government service with commissary privileges) to receive expired coupons from families in the states. Families in the states are matched with an overseas family and they send their unused or expired coupons directly to their assigned family.

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Online Coupon Sites - The Happy Housewife™ :: Frugal Living

Many of you have asked me about the online coupon sites I occasionally link to on The Happy Housewife. For me, coupons printed from the internet are a great way to increase your weekly savings at the store. I only print and cut the coupons I will use, when I find them online. Many times I end up passing along most of the coupons I receive in the Sunday paper because they are not products we

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JoAnn’s Teacher Discount – Includes Homeschoolers - The

I love JoAnn's. I am on their mailing list so I receive the 40% off coupons in the mail every few weeks. I also signed up for their teacher discount program, which includes homeschoolers! To

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Are Coupons Worth It? - The Happy Housewife™ :: Frugal Living

I read an article today and the author argued that people should not start using coupons. From the article: Yes, you can save a lot of money with coupons, especially when you combine them with sales. However, there are some drawbacks to coupons that must be taken into account. Perhaps the most dedicated coupon clippers can overcome these hurdles and still achieve overall savings.

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Coupons for Troops - The Happy Housewife™ :: Real Life

Coupons for Troops is a program I started in 2008. My goal is to provide expired and non-expired coupons to military families stationed overseas. The prices in overseas commissaries are significantly higher than those in the States and military families do not always have access to coupons in newspapers and inserts.

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Coupon Organizer Giveaway - The Happy Housewife™ :: Frugal

Keeping coupons organized and easily accessible while you're shopping can be a challenge. This coupon organizer solves that problem. This cute coupon organizer from Handmade by Hilani attaches to your grocery cart, leaving you room to stack your cart full of groceries. There is also a front pocket for coupons you are using so you don't forget them, misplace them, or drop them out of your

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OshKosh B'gosh Coupon Code & Giveaway - The Happy

OshKosh B’gosh Coupon Code & Giveaway. September 21, 2012 by Toni Anderson. This week the girls and I stopped in to our OshKosh B’gosh store while out running errands. They were having an awesome sale and I was able to pick up a few shirts plus a gift for my new niece for about $20. Find fun styles at OshKosh B’gosh and take 25% off

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Commissary Coupon Policy - The Happy Housewife™ :: Real Life

It is important to understand the commissary coupon policy before you head to the store with your coupons because many cashiers do not know the policy and enforce it incorrectly. Below is a summary of their coupon policy. For more information you can visit the Defense Commissary Agency’s Facebook page. The Commissary Coupon Policy is a Global

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Extreme Couponing: When Saving Money Goes Too Far - The

She claims using coupons brings feelings of absolute joy. Her stockpile currently occupies 2 rooms, and is quickly taking over a 3rd room. Spends about $70 a week purchasing coupons from an online clipping service. Takes a day off work in order to shop. Along with numerous other items brings home 150 bars of candy for free.

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How to Save on Sherwin Williams Paint - The Happy

Typically when Sherwin-Williams paint goes on sale it is 30-40% off the regular price. I prefer shopping at the Sherwin Williams paint store because I love their customer service. Often attempting to buy paint at the big box stores means pressing the “customers assistance” button multiple times before actually interacting with a human.

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