Printable Cheat Sheet For Air Fryer Oven

With the air fryer becoming more and more popular, I made a free printable cheat sheet for an air fryer oven! Hang it on the fridge or in a kitchen cabinet.

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Printable Father's Day Coupon Book

Each piece is about 2″ by 5″, so I put them onto two 8″x11″ pages for you to print off. Print Sheet One. Print Sheet Two. Once you’ve downloaded and printed off these pages, just cut out each of the coupons, including the ‘cover’ piece.

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How to go from two incomes to one - Thirty Handmade Days

So, how to go from two incomes to one? Save, Save, and Save Some More. I know, it’s obvious that you need and should save money before jumping ship from two incomes to one, but the reality is that you should always be saving money. You need to develop the habit of paying yourself first.

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Printable Kids Technology Tokens - Thirty Handmade Days

Next up for Funner in the Summer– Pam and Dana from Over the Big Moon.. I was so excited when these girls sent over this fun idea. We so need this in our home! I got to meet them at SNAP this year too (SNAP was a good year for me – meeting all these fun friends) and I’m a fan of all of the fun they post.

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10 Secrets to Saving Money for the Target Obsessed (like me!)

10 Secrets to Saving Money for the Target Obsessed (like me!) ) - simple tips to save money at Target. I remember as a little girl there was a huge store in our area called Gemco. And then one day it became Target.

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How to Save Money When You're Broke - 30 days {Thirty

How to Save Money When You’re Broke. All Archives, Budgeting · April 26, 2015. How do you pay off debt when your budget is in the red? They show to cut coupons and match the coupon to the sale. I save about 30%, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you have a one hundred dollar bill and get $30 back instead of nothing, it all

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Are Tieks Worth the Price? - Thirty Handmade Days

They are the best travel shoes – I just got back from a trip of a lifetime to Iceland (more on that another time) and I wore them there and back for the long flights and walks through the airports. As much as I love a good pair of boots, I DREAD taking them off at the security line and it just isn’t worth it.

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All Things Christmas Printable Bundle - Thirty Handmade Days

Remember the fall bundle that I was a part of a couple months ago? Let me tell you, it was an even bigger HIT than we anticipated! As soon as it was over we had tons of you asking us if we could do this again for Christmas. So I’ve teamed up with over 20 designers for an All Things Christmas

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FREE Printable Funny Mother’s Day Cards

If your mom has a sense of humor, she'll love these FREE Printable Funny Mother's Day Cards! There are four different card designs to choose from!

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All Things Holiday Bundle - Thirty Handmade Days

The holidays can get real crazy really fast, in an effort to help out… enter the All Things Holiday Printable Bundle! Get ready for a more organized, tradition-filled, and spirited holiday season…I’ve teamed up with 15 extremely talented bloggers and designers to create another annual..All

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Thirty Handmade Days - 30 Days Blog - 30 days {Thirty

Take 30 days to tidy up your home, your spaces and your life with this simple Declutter Challenge! Over the last year, I've made more of an intentional effort to get organized.

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